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First participation in 2024


“We had to do this in our life”

Both Gianandrea Pellegrinelli and Carlo Galdini are a few years older than Giulio Minelli… But there’s no discussion as to who’s the leader of truck #628 for the 2024 edition. A legend of the Dakar, Minelli made history alongside icons such as Giacomo Vismara (they won the race in 1986) and Claudio Bellina, while Pellegrinelli and Galdini are newcomers to the world’s greatest rally. The rookies still know their ways around trucks… At the helm of a transport company, Pellegrinelli manages a fleet of some 650 trucks with the support of Galdini, his friend and collaborator. After years of listening to their friends telling their Dakar legends, it’s time for them to tackle an extraordinary challenge.

G.P.: “It’s been several years I’ve wanted to drive a truck in such an event. Claudio Bellina is a friend of mine and he gave me the opportunity to participate with one of his trucks and a professional support. Participating in the Dakar after doing so many kilometres with normal trucks for work, driving a race truck and seizing the opportunity to confront myself with professionals will be a great satisfaction. Our goal will be to finish the race.
I’m also very serene thanks to the people around me. With Carlo, we’ve shared over 30 years of friendship, with a common passion. Giulio is a great expert. And Claudio is a veteran as well. It also motivates me to do well. We’re coming into this adventure with humility and with the support of a great team.”

C.G.: “We’ve been friends forever with Gianandrea. I’m also friend with Giacomo Vismara and Giulio Minelli. Claudio Bellina has trucks with his company ItalTrans so we’ve been speaking about it and now we’re getting into this adventure. We train a lot and I feel ready. We can’t wait to get going! It’s beautiful to think we’re going to do our first Dakar at 65 years old. I just want to make it to the end.
Three weeks away from work will be a problem… But we’ve decided this is something we had to do in our life.”

G.M.: “I’ve done the Dakar everywhere since 1984, I’ve won it with Giacomo Vismara in 1986, and I return every time. It has changed a lot but I still love it. When I did it for the first time, I caught the virus forever.
I was the youngest from our crew, the others were five or six years older, so I’m the last one who’s still there but I’ve met so many people over the years… It’s getting harder with the years but we always manage to make the pasta and have some good time between old friends at the bivouac.”


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