N°437 Lightweight vehicle TEAM CASTEU




Mountain biking, mountaineering, surfing, kite surfing


Self-financed, racing to raise funds for Association Leon

2020: 48th (bike)
2019: 38th
2018: 59th
2016: 68th
2014: Ab. 5th stage

2019: Trophée Casteu
2017: Morocco Rally
2016: Morocco Rally
2015: Morocco Rally, 3 Races of Peruvian Rally Championship (3rd Open Category)
2014: Dakar Series Desafio Inca
2013: Chilean Rally Championship 'Rally de los Valles' (10th), Dakar Series Desafio Inca


“It's such an amazing event”

It's been a long time since Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe caught the Dakar bug, and he's gearing up for an exciting new challenge in 2021. After five participations in the bikes, the 43-year-old is entering the SSVs category alongside Frenchman Bruno Bony. So far he's had a pretty solid run on two wheels, finishing the rally on all but one attempt and coming as high as 38th in 2019. Nicolas is a genuinely global citizen. He was born in Santiago to an Austrian father and a Chilean mother, his wife is Swiss, and his children were born in Finland and Argentina! Over the past 17 years he has lived in no fewer than 8 different countries and speaks 5 languages, and he believes his cosmopolitan background was ideally suited to an international melting pot like the Dakar. His passion for rally raid stems from his love of nature, and the desert in particular. Having inherited his parents' taste for adventure and exploration, he made numerous trips to Africa and the Middle East as a young man, and would frequently find himself navigating through the desert with just an old map and a compass. In 1991, he came across the tracks of the previous year's Dakar, Paris-Tripoli-Dakar, sparking a long-term ambition to one day compete in the rally. He finally realised that childhood dream in 2014, in the familiar surroundings of South America, and brought his bike to the finish line for the first time in 2016. Motorsport also came to him through his parents. His father Peter, the former CEO of the Nestlé Group, spent several years as the Chairman of Formula 1, while his mother is an even bigger petrolhead, and owns 10 motorbikes. Nicolas had been thinking about entering the SSVs class for a while and has decided to mix things up at Dakar 2021 alongside Bruno, with whom he did last year's rally for Team Casteu. Another important factor for the Switzerland-based Austrian is that he'll be raising funds for the Association Leon, the non-profit organisation he and his wife Fanny helped to set up in 2007. Nicolas and Bruno's Can-Am Maverick will be resplendent in the colours of the Association, which supports education projects in various countries across Africa, Asia and South America.

NBL: “It will be my first time in the SSVs. It's a different adventure, but we've been thinking about it for many years. We're big advocates of how the SSVs are changing the Dakar's reputation in terms of fuel consumption. It's a good entry point for ex-bikers, as the budget is still sustainable. Obviously this year has been very poor in terms of races, there hasn't been much potential for proper training. But the SSVs are pretty intuitive for ex-bikers, particularly in the dunes, they drive very similar. We're also prepared for the pressure of the race, as well as the communication when it comes to navigation. Personally, I've had a chance to experience a lot of 4-wheel driving in the desert. So even if we haven't had many opportunities to race this year, I think we're well prepared and pretty confident about going to Dakar. Bruno and I haven't known each other all that long, we'd crossed paths at previous Dakars. He also has experience from a couple of participations, and we got more acquainted being in the same team last year. There was good chemistry there, in terms of racing and having fun. Getting on well with each other is a key element for me in Dakar, having fun with the team and the other person in the car. My international background helped me to catch the Dakar bug. It's about exploring new territories, new emotions, getting to know new people.
For me the most important thing was always the passion for the desert, the beautiful landscapes, the sensations you get. Then there's the driving factor, of course. Racing is fun and it adds a lot of spice.”



  • Mark : CAN-AM
  • Model : MAVERICK
  • Performance tuner : Team Casteu
  • Assistance : Team Casteu
  • Class : T4.1 Turbo production SSVs

Ranking 2021

Scratch Stage General
0 47 47 47
1 37 37 37
2 37 37 33
3 42 42 34
4 32 32 34
5 28 28 32
6 26 26 28
7 31 31 26
8 27 25 25
9 27 27 22
10 34 34 21
11 24 24 20
12 32 32 20

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