(cze) Born on 22/10/1984 at Decin 1.76m / 63kg


Penthouse, Can Am, BCE s.r.o., Big Shock


2018: 26th

2018: FIM Women's Bajas World Cup (1st): Baja Espana Aragon (8th, 1st woman), Hungarian Baja (6th, 1st woman); Baja European Championship (2nd): Baja Ukraine (2nd), Baja Idanha-a-Nova (2nd)
2017: Hungarian Baja (4th, 1st woman), Merzouga Rally (14th, 1st woman)
2016: Quad Offroad Challenge
2015: Intercontinental Rally, Albania Rally
2014: MMČR Cross Country (1st)
2013: MMČR Side (3rd)
2012: MMČR Cross Country, Mistr BQC, Endurance Masters (2nd)


“I feel a bit like a child”

Olga 'Ollie' Roučková made history in 2018 by becoming the first Czech woman to complete the Dakar. The 34-year-old has been riding quads for the past 15 years, starting out with quadcross and discovering her true passion when she moved into cross-country. After successfully getting through her maiden Dakar last year, she went on to win the FIM Women's Bajas World Cup in 2018, as well as finishing second behind Arcadiusz Lindner at the Baja European Championship. Sensing the need for a new challenge, she decided to team up with long-time friend and mechanic Daniel Zelenka to tackle Dakar 2019 in the side-by-side (SxS) category. It will be a true baptism of fire for Olga, who has only got behind the wheel of her Can Am Maverick -affectionately nicknamed 'The Beast'- in training. There are certainly easier places to make your competitive debut in a new vehicle than the Dakar!

“It's a new category for me, a new dream. After a good year at the Baja European Championship and the Bajas World Cup I needed a new experience, and SxS will be exactly that. I've done training with the Can Am but I haven't actually started a race with it yet. It's going to be a big step up for Dakar, a huge challenge- I feel a bit like a child! My friend Daniel will be my co-driver -he's like a brother, a really nice person. I've taken part in army training to get ready for the rally –I'm not professional or anything but it's the best way to prepare for sport. It's hard to talk about our ambitions because this is all very new for me, it's my first time in the SxS category. I just hope we reach the finish line, that's my dream."



  • Mark : CAN-AM
  • Model : MAVERICK X3 XRS
  • Performance tuner : Moto Racing Group
  • Assistance : Moto Racing Group
  • Class : S_T3.SXS : SxS

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 30 30 30
2 30 30 30
3 25 25 26
4 24 24 24
5 19 19 23
6 18 18 21
7 16 16 20
8 19 19 20
9 20 20 20
10 18 18 20

All news of O. Rouckova

Dakar Mag - 14/01 23:48 [GMT -5] - SxS

Olga channels her inner Spider-Man

Olga Roučková's Dakar debut on her quad in January 2018 was a painful affair. The adventure had a happy ending when she reached Córdoba after a titanic effort (26th), often finishing the specials in the dark and on the verge of collapse. Her passion for the Dakar remains the same, but she found a way to keep competing while avoiding the most gruelling part. "Ollie"...

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