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Rally, racing, skiing, horses, mountain bike and golf


ANAC carwash

First participation

2023: Morocco Desert challenge / Rallye du Maroc
From 2013: Westfield Cup
2010-2012: Rally cross


“You can win one day and lose everything the next day”

Alexander Peters is an experienced sportsman and is about to make his debut at the Dakar. He learned to drive at six and shared this early passion for motorsports with his brother until his twenties. After a hiatus to focus on his career, Peters returned to racing at age 30, competing in Go-Kart Enduro for 25 years. Transitioning to rally cross in his fifties and later to circuit racing, he gained a broad spectrum of racing experience. His interest in the Dakar started last January when he went to Saudi Arabia to see it. He loved it and started training in the Netherlands to participate in the Morocco Desert Challenge. During the race he met Wouter De Graaf, an experienced codriver with 14 Dakar, mainly in the truck category. They decided to team up for the Rallye du Maroc as preparation for the Dakar. Peters is an athlete, having also skied since the age of 14 and competed in the New York Marathon a few years ago. Both Alexander and Wouter will line up for their first Dakar with an Arcane, a T3 powered by the Yamaha 1000cc engine.

A.P.: “I went to Saudi Arabia to follow the 2023 Dakar and I really enjoyed it. With Wouter, we connected immediately when we met during the Morocco Desert Challenge, and we decided to do the Rallye du Maroc together. The goal for my first Dakar is to finish it. I can’t wait but I know that you can win one day and lose everything the next day. I always give my 100%, but people tell me not to do it to avoid losing everything instantly.”




  • T3
  • Arcane
  • Arcane
  • T3.1: Lightweight Prototype Cross-Country

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