2016: 26th

2019: Rally Kazakstan (6th)


“It's better to keep silent instead of opening your mouth”

Four years after achieving an impressive 26th place in the cars on his Dakar debut, Andrey Cherednikov is back on the world's toughest rally in 2020. The Kazakh will be driving a Ford F150 Evo prepared by highly experienced Czech driver Miroslav Zapletal, and believes his vehicle has what it takes to tussle with the big boys on Saudi Arabian soil. It has been a long road back for Andrey after a serious crash at the 2017 Africa Eco Race, which required him to undergo knee surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation process. The 48-year-old finally got behind the wheel again this year, sweeping to sixth place at Rally Kazakhstan with his new co-driver and fellow compatriot Ignat Falkov. A former winner of the T2 class at the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, Ignat is gearing up for his fourth tilt at the Dakar, having already participated twice in a car with Denis Berezovskiy and once in a truck with Artur Ardavichus. The Kazakh duo don't want to overstate their ambitions for this first Dakar in the Middle East, but are hoping they can upset a few of the more fancied factory drivers as they focus on their principal objective: reaching the finish line in Qiddiya on 17 January.

A.C.: “I did my last Dakar in 2016. In 2017 I went to the Africa Eco Race, where I was hoping to have the best possible result, but I had a very serious crash in Mauritania. After that there was a long recovery period, for both myself and the car! Everything is fine now, and Miroslav Zapletal has rebuilt my car, he's changed the engine and improved many things, so that we have enough power to compete with a strong field. I have an idea of a target, but I don't want to disclose it. It's a very tough race, and I know it's better to keep silent and achieve something instead of opening your mouth. The car is good enough to fight with the likes of Toyota and Mini. If you look at Miroslav's results, you can see that. We have pretty much the same Ford F150 Evo as him, although I can't say that my driving skills are quite the same as Miroslav's or Martin Prokop's. They are more experienced and more professional. But what I want to stress is that the car is good enough. Our success will therefore depend on my skills, and other factors. It's quite a new partnership with Ignat, we only started working together this year. He has a lot of experience, and he's a Kazakh, which means our team is 100% Kazakhstan, and that's very important. For me and Ignat this is a hobby, we're not professional guys. It means we always learn something from the race. But we're ready to fight, anyhow! The most important thing is to cross the finish line. And I want to believe we will be lucky enough to get some kind of result.”



  • Mark : FORD
  • Model : F150 EVO
  • Performance tuner : Offroadsport a.s. (Miroslav Zapletal)
  • Assistance : Offroadsport a.s. (Miroslav Zapletal)
  • Class : T1.1 petrol modified A-T 4x4

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