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2020: 10th
2019: 27th

2019: Taklimakan Rally (6th), Silk Way Rally (2nd)
2018: Taklimakan Rally (1st), Rallye du Maroc (14th)
2017: Taklimakan Rally (5th), Silk Way Rally (3rd)
2016: Taklimakan Rally (1st), Silk Way Rally (6th)
2015: Taklimakan Rally (1st), China Silk Road Rally (3rd)
2014: China Grand Rally (2nd)


“My goal is to get closer to the top drivers and finally be one of them."

Wei Han and Min Liao earned themselves a place in the Dakar history books a year ago, claiming the best-ever result for Chinese competitors by coming 10th in the cars. Arguably the most accomplished offroad driver in a country of almost 1.4 billion people, Han has been involved in motorsport for many years, which led to him setting up the HanWei Motorsport team in 2008. A dominant force on the domestic front, with multiple victories at the prestigious Taklimakan Rally, the ambitious 48-year-old has now set his sights on the international scene. Having joined forces in 2016 with SMG founder Philippe Gache -a highly experienced French driver who has taken part not only in the Dakar, but also Le Mans and Indy 500- Han has gone from strength to strength in recent years. He has claimed podiums at the Silk Way Rally, and after a solid Dakar debut in 2019 -where they finished 27th- he and Liao powered their way into the top 10 overall at Dakar 2020, ranking second behind Mathieu Serradori and Fabian Lurquin in the T1.3 petrol two-wheel drive class. Han and Liao have been unable to race in China this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but they are determined to keep duking it out with the big guns at the Dakar, and hopefully become a force to be reckoned with in future editions.

W.H. : “I was very excited with the result of Dakar 2020. I have to thank my good partner Philippe from SMG. He is the one who designed me such a good racing car. In Saudi Arabia, the route was quite fast compared to Peru, where the route was quite difficult. And high speed brings much more uncertainty. In a split second, you may have to withdraw due to an accident. This kind of high-speed route has two sides to it: more dangerous and much more fun! Our team, HanWei Motorsport, was established in 2008. We are a veteran elite team in China. I joined the Jiatong Tire Team in 2014, then the GWM Haval team in 2015. Finally, I met Philippe in 2016 and created the Geely Auto Team, which is still going. In China, we have many great clients, and we are actually planning to organise a much bigger team for Dakar 2022. I am bringing together my clients and friends who love rally, so they can experience the Dakar. After my first Dakar in 2019, I have never considered missing the rally, even after such a strange year. Covid-19 is quite dangerous, but it cannot stop my passion for Dakar. I think that in the coming years, I will get better results thanks to my unremitting efforts. It is my great honour to compete with top drivers. I can learn a lot from them, including the tempo of the race. Of course, my goal is to get closer and closer to the top drivers and finally be one of them.”



  • Mark : SMG
  • Performance tuner : Quzhou Motorsport City Team
  • Assistance : Quzhou Motorsport City Team
  • Class : T1.3 petrol 2-wheel drive

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