(prt) Born on 06/12/1981 at Barcelos 1.81m / 75kg


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2018: Ab. Stage 2
2017: 10th

2018: Atacama Rally (17th), Desafio Inca (28th)
2017: OiLibya Rally of Morocco (8th), India Baja (1st), Merzouga Rally (9th), Panafrica Rally (7th)
2016: Merzouga Rally (9th), OiLibya Rally of Morocco (15th)
Previous years: Supercross and Motocross championships


“When you do what you love it's hard to get away.”

After a sensational Dakar debut in 2017 -when he finished in 10th place as the second-best rookie in the bikes- Joaquim Rodrigues' second tilt at the world's biggest rally was over almost as soon as it had begun, as he suffered a serious crash on the opening stage from Lima to Pisco. The former supercross and motocross star sustained a broken back that could have spelled the end of his racing days, but after undergoing multiple surgeries and extensive rehab he was able to get back on the bike in August 2018, taking part in the Atacama Rally in Chile. Joaquim admits that there have been some dark moments on the road to recovery, but he has been unable to resist the siren song of competitive racing, having dedicated almost 30 years of his life to his passion. Joaquim's father was also a motocross rider, and built him his first bike as a boy -while his sister is married to Honda rider Paulo Gonçalves, who is gearing up for his 12th Dakar. Having already exorcised some of his demons at the Desafio Inca in Peru in September, 'J-Rod' is now hoping to be as close to 100 per cent as possible for Hero MotoSports Team Rally, and it goes without saying that he is determined to avoid any further accidents on the road to and from Lima.

"Last year's crash? It was a danger-three drop, but I didn't see it. In the desert, when the sun is high, everything looks flat. I wasn't going particularly fast or slow, just normal pace -then suddenly the drop came and I don't remember anything else, I knocked myself out. It was tough at the beginning. Nobody knew if I would be able to race again, or even walk again. I broke my back and went through two difficult surgeries. Luckily, I have good doctors. I was in hospital in Chile for six days waiting to fly home, and I thought about my life -'Should I quit? Is this worth it'- but after one month, two months, things start going well again. When you do what you love it's hard to get away. "Chile was really hard for me, the first race back. I was out of shape and mentally bad, I didn't know if I could do it again -riding big stages, going that fast. My confidence was very low but I was really happy to be able to finish the race. Then I went to Peru, which was even more difficult because it was in the same region where I crashed. When I finished I was really, really happy. It was a big weight off my shoulders. That's why I wanted to race Peru, because I know from experience that the mental part is really important. I knew that if I could race where I nearly ended my career, nearly ended up in a wheelchair, I would be able to get back to proper training.”



  • Model : 450 RALLY
  • Performance tuner :
  • Assistance : Hero MotoSports Team Rally
  • Class : M_G2.1 : G2.1 Super Production – 0 à 450 cm3

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 23 23 23
2 34 33 31
3 46 46 31
4 30 30 31
5 18 18 28
6 30 30 25
7 11 11 24
8 13 12 18
9 18 18 17
10 12 12 17

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