(pry) Born on 21/01/1986 at Asuncion 1.78m / 82kg


Shot & Go, Personal, Samsung, Wega, Petrosur, Yamaha Paraguay, Mobil

2018: Quads/ 7º
2017: Quads/ 8º
2016: Quads/ 7º
2015: Quads/ 4º
2014: Quads /12º

2015: Subcampeón de la categoría quads 4x2 del Campeonato Argentino de Rally Cross Country. 2º en el Desafío Ruta 40, 2º en San Juan. Abandonó en el Desafío Guaraní.
2015: 3º en la categoría Quads en el Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge
2014: 4º en el Desafío Inca; 2º en el Desafío Guaraní; 2º en el Desafío Ruta 40.
2014: Campeón Sudamericano de la categoría Quads.
2013: 9ª en el Dakar Series Desafío Ruta 40; 7º en el Desafio Inca:
2012: 11º en el Desafío Litoral.


“The Dakar is my goal in life”

Nelson Sanabria, "The Guarani Lion" talks and breaths the Dakar. He has finished the last five editions he has raced in and completed 45,000 kilometres according to his calculations. He loves riding his quad and he trains every day on a terrain of his 70km outside of Asuncion, where he also has his motorcycles and UTV. While he has announced that he will switch to the Side by Side category, Nelson decided to continue in the quad class in joining the ranks of the Axel Dutri run Drag’on Rally team, to take on a Peruvian terrain that he is already very familiar with.

N.A.S.G. "The last edition of the Dakar was really special. I liked the Peruvian desert, the portion in Bolivia, everything that is different from the roads of Argentina. But I made a mistake at the beginning of the rally and found myself at the bottom of the order. I had to make up for being at the back, with the satisfaction of being in the Top 5 every day. The terrain of this edition will be nothing new to me. I raced in the Desafio Inca in 2013-2014 and the experience of the 2018 Dakar will also help. It is very technical. Careful attention has to be paid around mid-day because the sun inhibits you from seeing the cracks and the difference in height and that is very dangerous. I was tempted to try the Side by Side category, but as I noticed that they leave quite late (after the cars and UTVS and before the trucks), I’d rather not set off that late and continue with the quad. I will be on a Yamaha from Axel Dutrie’s Drag’on Rally Team. They will take care of everything, which will lighten the load for my dad. I train very hard everyday on my own circuit just a kilometre from where the special stage was on the 2017 Dakar and at 70km from Asuncion. I train on my quad, but I also do Drag’on Rally Team some enduro, cycling and jogging. It is an excellent mix for training.”



  • Mark : YAMAHA
  • Model : RAPTOR
  • Performance tuner : Nelson Sanabria (padre)
  • Assistance : Drag’on Rally Team
  • Class : Q_GQ.1 : G3.1 - 2 roues motrices - 0 à 750 cm3

Ranking 2019

Scratch Stage General
1 6 6 6
2 10 10 7
3 10 10 7
4 7 7 12
5 16 16 14
6 8 8 9
7 8 8 9
8 15 15 9
9 14 14 11
10 6 6 11

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