N°125 Bike ZERANTA


(ita) 1.84m / 78kg


Riding, cooking and loving my family


Zeranta / Celestini Racing / Fisioequipe / TenJob / Motobeat / Jerez / Thermosystem / Selfcoherence / Bottega Bastarda / Mc Donald Vignola / EnotecaWineall / Winter Bikers / Grafiche MDM / Rally Pov / Motorplay / Autohaga / Dunlop / Airoh.

2023: 1st participation (78th)

2021 : Andalucia Rally


“This competition forces you to become a better man”

Entrepreneur in the field of education and training on human potential development, Iader Giraldi is what he called himself a human experience designer before being a rally rider. He has been into off-road since he was 12 years old, and he has always wanted to become a Dakar rider. He decided to compete in the Road to Dakar in 2021 alongside the Andalucia Rally to learn techniques of mindfulness and stress management to prove to the world that with the right preparation and the right tools all difficulties can be overcome. For this, he has created a platform called Dealing with the Unexpected in which he is telling his story around the Dakar. This first experience led to a book. For 2024, he will raise the bar competing in the Original by Motul category. He took the year to prepare for it. He took mechanics lessons and worked on his strength.

IG: “My first Dakar was fantastic, and I finished at the first shot. It was a dream born 40 years ago and cultivated day after day. This competition brings a level of effort and discipline that forces you to become a better man. So it was. During this year I wrote a book ‘I have to do the Dakar’, the book I would have liked to read to prepare for the Dakar in which I sum up all my preparation. Last year, I realized that I needed more physical preparation, and I mainly took care of strengthening work in the gym and on a bike. I worked mainly on motocross tracks. This year’s goal is very ambitious. I will participate in the Original by Motul category without a mechanic or assistance. I wanted to raise the bar to challenge myself with all my strength. For this reason, with my Celestini Racing team, we worked all year to improve my technical and mechanical skills.”




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  • Original by Motul
  • Rally 2

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