2020: first appearance

2019 : Merzouga Rally (29th)
South African National Enduro Series,
E2 Class and South African National Off Road Series Or3 Class,
Redbull Romaniacs,
Redbull Braveman,
Redbull Sea to Sky,
Roof of Africa,
World Super Enduro Series,
King of the Hill Hard Enduro


“I was just too scared”

Kirsten Landman’s journey to the Dakar maybe really started in Botswana after a terrible crash that put her in a coma for 11 days. After recovering, she knew she would never again compete in an off-road rally. A conversation with Joey Evans who finished the Dakar in 2017 despite being partly paraplegic started making her think. What was first a “no way” became an idea before turning to a goal. “Kirst”, one of the best hard enduro riders of South-Africa will be on the start line of her first Dakar. On her KTM she’ll have her mottos written on her handlebars: “keep wheels turning” on the left, “get to the finish line” on the right, to become the first African lady to complete the Dakar on a bike.

“I started riding bikes as soon as the age of 8. My dad bought me a PeeWee after I had done well in a swimming race. I became one the best hard enduro riders of South-Africa, competing in races around the World. Back in 2013, in Botswana, I suffered a crash that eventually (after bad medical treatment) put me in a coma for eleven days. When I recovered I knew I would never again compete in an off-road rally. If I had been given 2milion to go to the Dakar, I would have said no. I was just too scared. Joey Evans was the one who told me I had to go for it, mentioning that he had to learn to walk again after his crash. It took me two years to prepare. Joey has been a mentor for me, after all it’s his “stupid idea”. I again competed in off-road racing in 2018 and returned to Botswana for the Desert 1000. That was actually my biggest victory. Receiving the acceptance letter of the Dakar really hit me. It’s exciting. I had to adapt to the weight difference of the bike. My main worry is crashing of course and the high speed stuff. One small mistake changes everything. Stars have to align. Becoming the first African woman to finish on a bike would be fantastic for my country and for the continent.”



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • Performance tuner : Bas Dakar KTM Racing team
  • Assistance : Bas Dakar KTM Racing team
  • Class : G2.1 Super production

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 90 85 85
2 96 96 85
3 76 76 78
4 73 72 70
5 70 70 68
6 64 64 65
7 58 58 62
8 - - 62
9 62 62 60
10 45 45 55
11 68 68 54
12 69 69 55

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