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2019 : 54th

2017: Italian Motorally Championship (3rd cat. 450)
2016: Italian Championship RAID TT (3rd cat. 450), Italian Motorally Championship (7th overall)
2015: Italian Champion cat. 450, World Championship Sardegna (11th overall), Transanatolia Rally (9th overall)
2012: Italian Champion Motorally cat. 125
2011: Merzouga Rally (8th)


“Back to improve my results”

Bikes are part of Mirko Pavan’s daily routine. During the week he works in fact as a mechanic in the workshop of Mirco Miotto, owner of a multi-brand bike shop, and on the weekends he competes in the Italian Motorally or other off-road events with his boss who has also the NSM Racing Team, for whom Pavan races. The 34 year old from Treviso has distinguished himself at a national level winning several Motorally championships and has impressed in several international rallies he took part to. Only the Dakar was missing. In 2018 he was already enrolled but couldn’t join as he broke his collarbone while he was racing the Panafrica Rally. Last year, his dream came true. He enrolled together with his mentor and team manager Mirco Miotto in the “Original by Motul” category. Despite the withdrawal of Miotto, following a crash, Mirko Pavan continued, improving stage after stage. He finally finished 4th in the Original by Motul Category, 54th overall and second among the Italian. Not a bad start for a Rookie. This year he is back, always in the “Original by Motul” category.

“The Dakar is the maximum aspiration for any rally rider. During all these years of competitions I have had many strong and experienced adversaries who have become friends over time. Their stories about the Dakar rally, the good and bad side of the race had always fascinated and motivated me. Now I can also tell my stories as last year, my first Dakar was a true sports and human experience. I’m usually very quiet, I don’t speak other languages except Italian, but I made many friends and the competitors of the “Original by Motul” became my family for two weeks. The support that we develop among riders, helping each other, is what I loved more of my Dakar experience and it’s a memory that I will bring always with me. It was also very special to do the rally with Miotto, who has supported and has been at my side during my whole career. Finishing the rally 4th of my category and 2nd of the Italians gave me an extra motivation to come back and improve my results. I will be once again in the “Original by Motul” category. I work as a bike mechanic so for me it’s not a problem to work on my bike when I return to the bivouac. I decided to participate a bit at the last moment so I will focus to prepare my Dakar in these last few months”.



  • Mark : BETA
  • Model : RR 430
  • Performance tuner : NSM racing team
  • Assistance : Original by Motul
  • Class : G2.1 Super production

Ranking 2020

Scratch Stage General
1 88 83 83
2 131 131 117
3 106 106 110
4 93 93 99
5 67 67 89
6 79 79 85
7 92 92 83
8 - - 83
9 78 77 80
10 47 47 77
11 43 43 72
12 97 97 75

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