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Century Racing

2021: first appearance

Rally Dos Sertoes
Rally Jalapao 2020


A new world to discover for Gastaldi

This last decade has seen the Century Racing team grow progressively on the Dakar scene. It started thanks to founder and driver Mark Corbett who took on the rally behind the steering wheel of what was then a custom built buggy CR4. As the years went by the team got bigger and the car better. The latest born CR6 is now a vehicle that has attracted the attention of many, especially after Frenchman Mathieu Serradori gave it a first stage win on the Dakar on his way to a final 8th position overall. For 2021 the Century Racing squad will therefore welcome a promising newcomer: Marcelo Gastaldi. The Brazilian has become a reference in Brazilian off-road races such as the Rally Dos Sertoes. The 38-year-old from Ribeirao Prato (state of Sao Paulo) will be discovering the Dakar with the ambition to be one, if not the best rookie in the car race and dreams of a final Top 10 spot. At his side, he’ll have an experienced co-driver in Lourival Roldan. The 62-year-old first appeared on the Dakar back in 2003 when it was still on the African continent. Fourteen years later he went on to win the event in an SSV he shared with Leandro Torres. The only issue for both men: due to the Covid crisis, they’ll only discover their new car on Saudi soil just a few days before the beginning of the Dakar



  • العلامة : CENTURY
  • الطراز : CR6
  • نظام تعديل الأداء : Custom built, Century Racing
  • مساعدة : Century Racing
  • الفئة : فئة T1.3 للسيارات بمُحرِّك بنزين ودفع ثُنائي على جميع التضاريس

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