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2021 : 28th overall

2021: Baja FIM Junior World Cup, FIM Cross country rally World Cup
2020: Africa Eco Race (8th, 1st Junior), Polish cross-country championship (1st Junior), Baja Portalegre (21st), FIM Junior Bajas World Cup (3rd), Baja Hail I (2nd), Baja Hail II (4th)
2019: Rallye du Maroc (30th)


“I’m still very new to the sport…”

It can’t always be easy following in the footsteps of two Dakar legends. The weight of expectations when you are the son of Marek Dabrowski and being coached by him and his lifelong friend Jacek Czachor must be huge. Fortunately, Konrad appears to be more than able to handle the pressure. Mature beyond his years, he takes it all in his stride. The proof -for his impressive Dakar debut in 2021 he finished 28th overall, 7th rookie and 3rd in the marathon class. Not bad when you consider that he finished the first stage in 47th place! On the final podium the organisers informed him that at 19 years old he was the youngest ever finisher in the bike class. Since then the young Pole has had a pretty good year, winning the FIM Baja Junior World Cup and the FIM Cross Country Rally Junior World Cup. Maybe even more impressive, for the last race of the season, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, he finished 5th in the Rally GP class to be classified 15th overall in the championship. Now racing full time and spending a considerable amount of time training out in Dubai, Konrad has slightly more ambition for 2022 but is nevertheless keeping his feet firmly on the ground…

“Everybody told me that the Dakar would be even tougher than I could imagine and they weren’t wrong. The rains they had before the race made it really stony and so physically very hard. Having my Dad there with me was a huge bonus. He helped me stay focused and gave amazingly precise advice, plus I had Jacek texting me every night. There was so much details it was like they’d ridden the special the day before, just amazing how they were able to use their experience to advise me. Obviously, I’d like to improve my finishing position for 2022 but you have to be realistic. Even if the year has gone pretty well for me I am still very new to the sport and only have 5 proper rallies under my belt. On the Dakar there are an awful lot of good riders with a great deal of experience so if I could get into the top 25 and on the marathon class podium I’ll be more than happy. The most important thing however is gain extra kilometres of experience and finish the race.”




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