(aut) Nació el 08/09/1977 en Santiago de chile


I self-finance my races and I use my racing to fundraise a Charity that we have with my wife (asociationleon.com)


2018: 59th
2016: 68th
2014: Ab. 5th stage

2017: Oilybia Morocco Rally
2016: Oilybia Morocco Rally
2015: Oilybia Morocco Rally ; 3 Races of Peruvian Rally Championship (Overall 3rd position in Open Category)
2014: Dakar Series Desafio Inca
2013: Chilean Rally Championship « Rally de los Valles », 10th ; Dakar Series Desafio Inca


“I’ll be like in my garden”

The Brabeck-Letmathe's are a family of adventurers and bikers and Nicolas can be defined a citizen of the world: he was born in Chile but has Austrian Nationality. His wife is Swiss, his son was born in Finland, his daughter in Argentina and in the past 16 years he has lived in 8 different countries. Raised in an environment where travel and adventure were the daily bred, Nicolas faced the Dakar for the first time in 2014. Deserts had no secret for the half Austrian, half Chilean rider who lived in Lima and trained in Chile. He still remembers travelling through North Africa following the footsteps of his father who had hitchhiked from Algiers to Timbuktu in the 60s and 80s. His mother too is a motorcycle fan and has 10 motorbikes. After failing to finish his first Dakar due to heat exhaustion, he managed to complete the next two in 2016 and 2018. Having fulfilled his goal to finish, Nicolas now only wants to enjoy himself and that’s the reason he returns knowing the rally will take place on his favourite terrain and in a country he loves, Peru. It will also be an opportunity to promote and raise money for the association his wife takes care of (www.associationleon.com) that invests in educational projects.

“Having grown in South America, my passion for nature grew as I was a small kid through many adventure journeys in the jungle and the plateau of Ecuador or in amazing places such as « Los Llanos » and « La Gran Savana » in Venezuela. This taste for adventure became even stronger when my father started sharing his passion for the African Desert. Already with 10 years I participated in the organisation of expeditions in the desert. This would result in 10 trips in Northern Africa (mainly in Libya), in South Africa and Middle East in total autonomy. These trips taught me to navigate through the desert with the help of a compass and old maps: a sort of treasure hunt where we had to manage everyday our fuel, food and vagary of local authorities. In 1991, we used and crossed one of the tracks of Paris-Tripoli-Dakar 1990. It would be my first contact with The “Dakar”; the start of a dream. Since that specific day, I have been following “Dakar” through different medias. As I was living in Buenos Aires in 2009, I had the chance to see the start podium of the race. In 2013, my wife and I were living in Lima and invited to see the administrative and technical verification of “Dakar 2013”. As I was staring at a racing bike, my wife told me: “when will you stop finding excuse, and finally race the Dakar”? The 40th edition last year was great. It was considered as a very hard edition but I always felt in control. Having already finished the Dakar, it now pushes me to just have pleasure. So I’ll be riding with no stress and no pressure. Why am I back? For two reasons. There’s the Dakar virus. It’s like a drug. The other reason is that I love the desert and the dunes so I’m so happy it’s going to be a 100% Peru Dakar. I spent more than 4 years living in Peru enjoying this amazing country and people. I have always said that Peru has everything a great Dakar needs: endless hors piste, huge dunes, beautiful landscape! I’ll be like in my garden. I never take off with an objective. I’m so lucky to have done one Dakar so to do four…”



  • Marca : KTM
  • Modelo : 450
  • Preparador : Casteu Adventure
  • Asistencia : Casteu Adventure
  • Clase : M_G2.1 : G2.1 Super Production – 0 à 450 cm3

Clasificación 2019

Scratch Etapa General
1 66 66 66
2 90 90 78
3 83 83 74
4 66 66 71
5 49 49 55
6 45 43 50
7 51 51 49
8 49 49 42
9 41 41 40
10 43 43 38


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