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Garrett Off Road Racing

2019: 32nd

2019: Sonora Rally
2018: Baja Rally (1st), Sonora Rally
Baja Score series, Baja 1000


“Better my last performance…”

His passion for the Dakar started when watching old VHS video tapes of the event in Africa. Not too surprising for a youngster who started riding bikes at the age of 3 and would spend all his holidays in the desert. But life pushed back Garrett Poucher’s dream of one day participating in the World’s toughest rally. Father at the early age of eighteen, the priority was to find a serious occupation and raise what is now a huge family (7 children between his wife and him). Basically Garrett started riding at a competitive level only four years ago. But that passion appears to have now taken over, despite his wife insisting that he work more. His first Dakar was an “eye-opening experience” and despite his many crashes he still managed to reach the finish at the an excellent 32nd spot. The only disappointment was not seeing his promising team mate Skyler Howes make it to the that same finish. One of the reasons he got involved in the discipline was his love to travel and discover the world and seeing the Dakar move to Saudi Arabia is a delight for Poucher. He will therefore be back on the start line of the Dakar on a KTM prepared by Klymciw Racing, hoping to better his last performance and again help out Howes to reach the finish with the best.

“Every day since I was a kid, the Dakar was a dream. But with a big family and job, I only really started riding at a pro level three years ago. Now my wife who is a surgeon tells me I have to work more and race less. The Dakar is the ultimate adventure. I kept saying I wanted to do it but time came to go for it really. My first Dakar was an eye-opening experience. I didn’t realise how fast the pace would be. You don’t have that speed in races in the USA. That was the most challenging part. I basically crashed every day and had a tyre issue on day 2 forcing me to ride 70kms and the liaison on the rim. I had some good days finishing in the Top 30 and tougher ones. Finishing 32nd made me very happy considering I sometimes thought I wouldn’t reach the finish. Now I want to better that performance. If I make less mistakes I can win 10 or 15 places. And I’m really looking forward to the navigation. I don’t have the speed but I’m a good navigator. The goal is also to take Skyler (Howes) to the next level.”



  • Marca : KTM
  • Modelo : 450 RALLY
  • Preparador : KLYMCIW RACING
  • Asistencia : KLYMCIW RACING
  • Clase : G2.1 Superproducción فئة الإنتاج السوبر G2.1

Clasificación 2020

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3 36 35 36
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Toute l'actualité de G. Poucher

Últimas noticias - 15/01 09:50 [GMT +3] - Moto

Poucher se apea de la carrera

Garrett Poucher luchaba duro por lograr su objetivo: mejorar el 32º puesto logrado el año pasado en su primer Dakar. Por desgracia, las esperanzas del piloto estadounidense, 23º en la general esta mañana, se han esfumado tras caerse en el km 120 de la especial. Un traumatismo en las lumbares y la pelvis pone fin a su aventura.

Últimas noticias - 10/01 13:07 [GMT +3] - Moto

Poucher ya quiere volver

Garrett Poucher se declara enamorado del Dakar. Entrevistado al llegar al tramo neutralizado, el piloto estadounidense está disfrutando de lo lindo de su segundo Dakar. "Lo mejor para mí es darle caña a la moto en las grandes llanuras. Y, lo más difícil, navegar las dunas sin caerme. En cualquier caso, el desierto es increíble... Cada...


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