(rou) 1.8m / 90kg


Swimming, bicycling


Autonet, Varta, Vectra Racing, Schlemmer, KTM Center

2020: 29th (winner Orginal by Motul)
2019: Ab. Stage 8
2018: 23rd
2017: 17th
2016: 14th
2015: 21ST (winner marathon class)
2012: 39th
2011: 17th (winner marathon class)
2009: Ab. Stage 2
2007: 46th

2020 Red Bull Romaniacs (1st Iron)
2019 Red Bull Romaniacs (4th), Hungarian Enduro Championship (1st)
2018 Red Bull Romaniacs (15th), Enduro Slovakia (1st), enduro races.
2016 Morocco Rally (28th)
2015 Romanian Enduro championship
Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco


“I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do the Dakar”

Throughout the years, Emanuel Gyenes has become one of the best privateers in the bike class. The Romanian enduro specialist who first appeared on the Dakar back in 2007 when it was in Africa has however lived very different fortunes on the race. From an initial 46th spot on his debut he managed a career high 14th position in 2016 and claimed the Marathon class twice. He was also forced to quit the event twice including the last one on South American soil that marked a turning point in his career when the Romanian from Satu Maru registered in the Original by Motul class for riders with no assistance. A setback followed by a crowning last year in Saudi Arabia when the 37-year-old finally conquered first spot in that category made for enduring and consistent riders, the ironmen of the Dakar. Despite an injury this year, Gyenes returns with the goal to keep his title in the Original by Motul class but also finish, once again, in the Top 30.

“I’m so happy to be present on the 2021 Dakar. I really thought I would miss this edition due to the injury I suffered after a crash. But things got better with time and day after day I got more optimistic. The real test to see if I was ready was the Red Bull Romaniacs race back in October. Not only did I manage to finish the race without any major incidents, I also won the Iron class. That experience was crucial in me going to the Dakar.”



  • Marca : KTM
  • Modelo : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • Preparador : Autonet Motorcycle Team
  • Asistencia :
  • Clase : G2.2 Maratón

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 33 33 33
1 35 34 34
2 35 35 32
3 50 50 37
4 33 33 36
5 33 33 33
6 39 39 32
7 36 36 32
8 23 23 30
9 25 25 26
10 30 30 25
11 26 25 24
12 22 22 23

Toute l'actualité de E. Gyenes

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Gyenes permanece a la cabeza de la clasificación Original by Motul

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Gyenes lidera la clasificación Original by Motul

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