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First participation

2022: Tunisia Desert Challenge (15th), Andalucia Rally (Ab.)
2021: Italian Baja (1st, TH class), Fenix Rally (3rd, historic class), Silk Way Rally (1st, Open class), Baja Portalegre (1st, TH class)


“I really feel respect for this rally”

Magdalena Zajac is set to become just the second Polish woman to take part in the Dakar, over two decades after Martyna Wojciechowska finished 44th in the cars in 2002. The 54-year-old has always been a fan of motorsport, although she only started racing in 2017. Unlike many of the competitors who will be lining up for this 45th edition, ‘Magda’ has never really dreamed about doing the Dakar, and quips that she's not really a fan of driving on sand dunes either! Luckily, she will be joined in her Toyota Hilux by one of Poland's biggest Dakar legends: Jacek Czachor, who has had top-10 finishes in both bikes and cars and has never failed to reach the finish line in 15 participations. The duo have already enjoyed success together, winning the T1 Open category at the Silk Way Rally 2021 and claiming a clutch of class podiums at various other rallies and bajas. They will be competing for the Proxcars TME Rally team, which Magda co-founded with rally engineer and constructor Adam Szelerski a few years ago. A bookshop owner by trade, Magda clearly doesn't take herself too seriously -after all, her Instagram handle is imperfect_lady_driver- but her results hint at a fierce competitor, and Jacek acknowledges that she is “very stubborn, sometimes more than me!” Their stated goal is to reach the finish line in the car they've nicknamed 'Kicia', but keep an eye out for this Polish pair who could spring a few surprises at Dakar 2023.

M.Z.: “I've always loved driving and I've always loved offroad, but I only started racing in 2017, in the wonderful Dacia Duster Cup project. It's funny, but the Dakar has never been a dream of mine, and what’s more I hate driving on sand dunes! Taking part in this year's edition was quite a spontaneous decision, after we bought a T1 Toyota with FIA homologation in August. Fortunately, my marvellous, brave team and sponsor are able to realise any idea, even the craziest one. Jacek and I have had our ups and downs, although lately we have been getting along better and better. We're both stubborn and I sometimes have girlie quirks. But he's a sweetheart and tries very hard to support me in every situation. Any advice Jacek has given me? Yes, I've got one. It may seem strange to some people, but with his experience I won’t take it lightly. Here it is: “Forget that it's a race… imagine you're a lorry driver and you just have to swallow up the kilometres!” My goal for Dakar 2023 is to survive! I don't want to jinx it; I really feel respect for this rally. I would be happiest if I managed to get a medal at the finish. I will be happy if I reach that finish line at all."




  • Proxcars TME Rally Team
  • Proxcars TME Rally Team
  • T1.1 Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x4

Clasificación 2023


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