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Motorbiking, mountain biking, rock jumping, surfing


Bühler Technologies, V.M. Bühler, Shoe, CrossPro, JN Seat Covers, G7, O Tarro, 100%

2023: 20th
2021: 14th
2020: Ab. Stage 6
2019: 20th (3rd rookie)

2023: Sonora Rally (7th)
2022: Rallye du Maroc (12th) / Andalucia Rally (12th)
2021: Andalucia Rally (8th) / Hungarian Baja (1st) / Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (Ab. S4)
2020: FIM Bajas World Cup (1st) / Baja do Pinhal (1st) / Baja Portalegre (1st) / Andalucia Rally (18th)
2019: Baja Reguengos de Monsaraz (1st) / Enduro Santo André (3rd) / Panafrica Rally (3rd) / Baja Portalegre (1st)
2018: Troféu Yamaha: Official Class (1st) / X-Trophy Resistencia Todo Terreno (1st) / Baja TT Idanha-a-Nova (1st) / Baja Portalegre (1st)
2017: National TT championship (2nd) / Troféu Yamaha (3rd) / Panafrica Rally (4th)
2016: National TT1 championship (1st) / National TT championship (2nd) / Merzouga Rally (19th) / Navigation Rally Raid Portugal (3rd) / Serres Rally Greece (4th)
2015: National TT1 championship (3rd)
2014: National TT1 championship (1st) / Troféu Yamaha: Official Class (3rd) / Bajas Terras de Alcoutim Open (4th)
2013: National TT1 championship (3rd) / Troféu Yamaha: 250cc (1st)


“Dakar 2023 was very positive for me”

Sebastian may be flying the flag for Germany, but he has spent most of his life in Portugal, after his parents went on holiday there and liked it so much that they stayed! They bought Sebastian his first bike at the age of five, and by 13 he was racing competitively. He’d always dreamed of doing the Dakar, especially after going to watch the start of the rally in Lisbon in 2006 and 2007. As well as winning the Portuguese all-terrain (TT) championship on several occasions, Sebastian claimed three consecutive victories at the prestigious Baja Portalegre between 2018 and 2020, plus the FIM Bajas World Cup title in the Covid-hit 2020 season. He has had some ups and downs on the Dakar, finishing as the third-best rookie in 2019, abandoning due to engine failure in 2020 and then roaring into the top 15 in 2021, before being forced to sit out the 2022 edition with injury. Still not fully fit, after his lengthy break, for the Dakar 2023, he nevertheless achieved his best stage result to date with a second place. His overall result was ruined after having a fuel issue on the fourth stage where he lost more than 3 hours. But despite this set back he still managed to get back into the top 20.

“Although my overall result wasn’t what I’d hoped for there were some very positive aspects and my speed was good, as I proved with my best stage result. After the Dakar we were able to do the whole W2RC where I tested some stuff on the bike. Racing is always the best way to test but not always great as far as results are concerned. But for me the important point is that the bike is getting better all the time. The team has been working really hard and we now have a bike that is capable of winning. If I hadn’t lost so much time last year with the fuel problem I’d have finished in 8th place and so that’s what I’ll be aiming for in 2024. A Top 10 finish.”




  • HERO
  • 450 RALLY
  • Hero MotoSports Team Rally / Speedbrain
  • Hero MotoSports Team Rally / Speedbrain
  • Rally GP

Clasificación 2024

Toute l'actualité de S. Bühler

Resumen - 08/01 18:29 [GMT +3]

Benavides y Moraes : ritmo latino

El Dakar, que sigue explorando el corazón de Arabia Saudí, se dirige hoy a pasos de gigante, por no decir de un salto de más de 600 kilómetros, hacia el desierto del Empty Quarter. Sin embargo, antes de sumergirse de lleno en la arena, los pilotos han tenido que enfrentarse a una gran variedad de terrenos, a menudo también...

Últimas noticias - 08/01 13:59 [GMT +3] - Moto

Bühler deja el Dakar

Sebastian Bühler sufre una caída en el kilómetro 360 de la especial. Toby Price y Skyler Howes se detuvieron para asistir al piloto de Hero. El alemán, consciente y móvil, parecía padecer dolores lumbares. Ha sido evacuado en helicóptero al hospital para someterse a una revisión completa. Price y Howes recuperarán...

Resumen - 07/01 18:20 [GMT +3]

Peter, por la cincuenta... ¡y todo lo que le queda!


Al poner rumbo a Al Duwadimi, los pilotos y equipos se han adentrado en el corazón mismo de Arabia Saudí, en un recorrido que les ha permitido probar sus primeros tramos de dunas del año. Las dunas no han sido ni lo suficientemente duras ni tan numerosas como para hacer tambalear la clasificación. Por otro lado, los...


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