N°81 Bike KOVE


(chn) 1.78m / 75kg


Riding motorcycles, listening to music, running



First participation

2023: China Motorcycle Off-Road Championship Kulunqi Station, Imported Group B (1st), Rallye du Maroc (16th, Rally 2)


“I feel excited and nervous”

Fang Xiangliang will become the latest talented Chinese biker to get a taste of the world's toughest rally at Dakar 2024. Even at just 20 years of age, the college student from Nanning has plenty of racing experience, having taken part in his first competitions as a five-year-old. Encouraged by his father, he ended up joining the ambitious Kove team, who are determined to make a splash on the Dakar with their Kove 450 Rally bike -which, in Fang's words, “has no obvious weaknesses”. As well as bringing Fang’s compatriot Sunier Sunier, who finished inside the top 50 on his debut last year, the Chinese manufacturers have signed up promising French duo Neels Theric and Xavier Flick, and will also be providing a bike and support for American star Mason Klein. Fang will therefore have ample sources of advice as he navigates his way through his Dakar debut. He had a decent showing at the Rallye du Maroc in October, finishing 16th in the Rally 2 class, and shares Sunier’s ambition of completing this Dakar inside the top 30 overall. He would also love to land a podium spot in the Junior class for riders under 25.

“I initially fell in love with racing vehicles due to their sharp and cool appearance, which is so distinct from other domestic vehicles. I’ve been taking part in motorsport events for 15 years, and I joined the Kove team under the guidance of my father. I feel excited and nervous, yet also very much looking forward to it. I worked hard at the Rallye du Maroc and achieved satisfactory results. The overall quality of the motorcycle is excellent, and in my view, it has no obvious weaknesses. My strengths include being young, physically fit, energetic, resilient, and having quick reflexes. My conservative goal is to finish the rally, while my ideal goal is to place in the top 30 or within the top three in the youth category.”




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