(cze) Born on 04/06/1975 at STERNBERK


BARTH Operák, TOPFOREX, Mogul, Kotva Stavebni mechanizace Lhotsky


2017: 82nd
2016: ab. for an injury

2017: 1st in El Chott rally
2016: 2nd in Hungarian Baja
2015: 1st in Europe Baja championship


“Respect and humility are essential to finish a Dakar”

After discovering the Dakar as a team member of the KM Racing team, Rudolf Lhotsky finally made it to the start line of the Dakar in January 2016 with the Barth Racing Team. The Czech rider, who had the event in the back of his mind for quite a few years now, first wanted to get experience and learn to navigate. After starting as a motocross rider, ‘Ruda' rapidly switched to enduro and off-road rallies. A decision that saw him triumph on home soil and conquer the Baja European championship in 2015. Unfortunately his 2016 entry ended when he went out on the 8th stage while in 89th position overall. Back with Barth for 2017, the Czech rider made it to the finish. This year he also won the El Chott Rally. With one more year experience, Rudolf is ready for his third Dakar.

“I inherited my passion for Dakar from my father and it has always been a dream to be part of it one day. This race is different from anything else. It’s adventure, landscape, fight between man and nature. Last year I tackled the race with humility and respect and I will do the same this year. It’s a tough race and you never finish to learn. My greatest fear? I’m scared not to be able to cross the finish line. Dakar is very popular in Czech Republic, it has many fans, till is difficult to find the budget. During the year I work to earn money for my Dakar participation”.



  • Mark : KTM
  • Model : 450 RALLY REPLICA
  • Performance tuner :
  • Assistance : BARTH Racing
  • Class : M_G2.1 : Super Production

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