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Red Bull, KTM Kuwait, Kuwait government

2021: Ab. Stage 5

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2018 and 2019
Motocross Middle-east, MX2 and MX1 Kuwait Champion, Bahrain MX2 champion, Arab MX2 champion.


“The Dakar was something way above my expectations”

The path of Mohammed Jaffar towards the Dakar was a rather long and unexpected one. One made of passion for bikes and the desert. But before entering the world of off-road rallies, his racing career started on the closed tracks of motocross where he started competing at the age of 19 taking him to several titles in the Middle-East. There were then two real turning points: firstly when he took part in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and got “hooked” by rallying, then when the Dakar moved from South America to Saudi Arabia making his dream achievable. Sadly his first experience ended in a rescue helicopter after suffering a sever crash. Not only is he an enthusiastic biker, he also has that will to share his passion and that’s why he created the Moto School in Kuwait to teach people how to ride bikes. Through his second participation to the Dakar and thanks to his school, this father of four hopes to change a part of the culture in his country and show a different image of bike riding, open to all in a safe and fun manner. And now he knows what he’s up for, he’ll take on the Dakar in a far slower way with that goal to reach the finish.

“Riding bikes is part of my family but we never took it too seriously. The fact the Dakar moved to Saudi Arabia made my dream achievable. All I had to do was cross the border. I only started considering the Dakar five years ago. Never before. I feel I can achieve more. I was born in the desert and I know I can reach an international level. Motocross is the base for any other type of racing. I don’t have to think how to ride, I just have to focus on the navigation. That’s the only thing I miss: navigation and working with a road-book. Kuwait is entirely flat, we have no dunes or mountains, so no matter how much I ride, it’s still not enough. The last Dakar was very tough. It was something way above my expectations as a rider. I’ve been racing a long time in the region in rallies and bajas but Dakar is something you can’t compare to anything else. This year I’m mentally ready. I need to slow down this year. I was always going fast and that cost me a lot. I also hope to inspire kids from my bike school in Kuwait. I started the Moto School to try and change the culture in my country where bikes aren’t really accepted. For the people it isn’t a real sport, it’s something crazy. My goal is to change the idea of bikes in Kuwait. Even my wife who saw so many women come to the school to learn decided to start riding.”




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