N°755 Classic Völkel Dakar Team


(deu) 1.79m / 90kg


horse-riding, off-road rallies

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Mercedes-Benz, Texaco, Michelin, Glasurit, Hella, Völkel, Continental

2023: Dakar Classic
16 participations as a journalist

2012: Silk Way Rally (copilot, 8th overall)
2016: Hardenberg Dutch Off Road Championship
2015: Baja Portugal / UAE Desert Callenge
2006: UAE Desert Callenge


“It was much harder than I thought it was going to be”

Unlike most competitors, who built or bought their car specially to do the Dakar Classic, Jorg Sand already had his car sitting in his garage. The German Mercedes G-Wagon enthusiast, who first started covering the Dakar as a journalist in 2002, built his nut and bolt perfect Jacky Ickx replica back in 2007, never imagining that one day it would actually turn a wheel in anger on a Dakar. Although unable to take part in the first edition he gave his car its baptism by fire last year and the experience more than lived up to his expectations. So much so that he’s coming back in 2024 with a three car G-Wagon team supported by two period correct Mercedes 6X6 trucks that were originally entered by Mitsubishi Sonauto back in the 80s. One of the other cars is an original Playboy Cyril Neveu rapid assistance G-Wagon that Jorg has rebuilt for a customer, the third belongs to a friend and is thought to have been a support car for the Audi Quattro team. Not only is Jorge coming back with more means he’s also returning with greater ambition. Although his Jacky Ickx replica covered every kilometre of last year’s route without a hitch the result wasn’t in keeping with the car’s pedigree. So, for 2024 Jorge is back with an experienced regularity rally co-driver and high expectations.

J.S.: “I really enjoyed last year’s edition, there were some beautiful cars entered and the atmosphere was very friendly and relaxed. Having said that, I was surprised by how tough it was. In the 80s, when the rally was in Africa, it tended to be mainly on gravel tracks and given that both the cars and the drivers are quite a few years older now I thought it would be like that or easier. Instead there were some really hard off-road sections, particularly in the wadis with some deep sand. Not that I’m complaining. Our G-Wagon took it all its in its stride and in my ‘totally unbiased opinion’ is the best choice of car to run in the pre-1985 class.

P.D.: “I contacted Jorg as it was my dream to do the Dakar and I was looking for a driver. Happily, Jorg was looking for a co-driver, so we entered a rally back in May to see how we worked together. When you’re looking for a driver you want two things. Firstly, you want somebody who’s safe and is capable of getting the car to the finish. And you also need some chemistry. It is inevitable that at some time or other there’ll be tension in the car, that either the driver or the co-driver will make a mistake. In those situations some chemistry is always a good thing!”


Völkel Dakar Team


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  • Classic Auto (moderate average) < 86

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