N°737 Classic DEXT P-RALLY


(pol) 1.7m / 65kg



الجهات الراعية

Diverse Extreme Team, Port Gdansk, Polferries, Motul, Polfill


“In 1981 the Porsche 924 lasted 3 days… we want to do more!”

Tomasz Staniszewski is a key figure in the Polish off-road world. He’s the founder of the Enduro Rally and the P-Series Rally. Paradoxically, the Dakar 2024 will be his first rally as a competitor, because he is usually too busy organizing his own races! He experienced the desert during a crazy adventure in 2015: he leaved Paris alone on his Africa Twin and joined Dakar, following the tracks of the last Dakar race in Africa! He achieved it and saw the famous Lac Rose at the end of a journey where he was at the same time rider, mechanic and logistician. It’s now on four wheels, with a Porsche 924, that he wants to tackle the Saudi dunes. He’ll have with him Stanislaw Postawka, one of the best Polish co-drivers in the history of classic rallies. Stan is the third generation of his family involved in car racing. Winner of the 2021 FIA Trophy for Historic Regularity Rallies along with his daughter, he is the perfect navigator to bring this adventure to a good end.

TS: “I was in Saudi Arabia two years ago, and when I saw some Porsche in the Dakar Classic, I thought about doing the same but with the 924, not the 911. This Porsche only competed on one Paris-Dakar in 1981, so the idea was to get it back on the race. The guy who started with this car, in 1981, drove it for only three days before having suspension problems. So the first goal will be to drive more than him, and the second to finish the race. Yes, all my life is about finding difficult things to do!”

SP: “Dakar is the ultimate challenge in rally. I have always had it in the back of my mind, since the first editions. I dreamed of it and now I am participating in it! We want to compete as far as possible with Tomasz. A long journey awaits us and we will have to manage it very well from a technical point of view in order to bring the car back to the finish line.”




  • 924
  • P-Rally
  • P-Rally
  • Classic Auto (moderate average) < 86

التصنيف 2024

جميع الأخبار T. Staniszewski

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