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Motorsports, skiing, surfing

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2023: 113th (with twin brother Tom)
2022: DNF (with twin brother Tom)
2021: 26th (with twin brother Tom)
2020: 28th (with twin brother Tom)
2019: 42nd (with twin brother Tom)
2018: 35th (with twin brother Tom)
2017: 45th (solo)
2016: 35th (winner solo class)
2015: Ab. Stage 2 (solo)
2014: Ab. Stage 11 (solo)
2013: 56th (solo)
2012: 45th (solo)
2011: 36th (first solo)
2010: 50th (first solo)
2009: 70th (with twin brother Tom)
2007: 46th (with girlfriend Gaby Uljee)


“Dakar is in my heart, my mind and my future”

The Coronel brothers love the Dakar so much that even when they have to finish a stage on three wheels, they find reasons to be happy with it! This is what happened to them in 2023, but don’t think that this has discouraged them from coming back: they will be there in 2024, and happier than ever in their Century CR6! Tim discovered the race 17 years ago, in 2007, with his girlfriend, and has not missed an edition since, while Tom started in the first year of the South American era, in 2009. When they are not in their rally car, the Dutch brothers enjoy their life doing other races -Tom is the new TCR Europe champion-, or helping people to have fun in their indoor karting in the Netherlands, which they manage with other brothers. As you understood, motorsport is inseparable from the Coronel family. And with them, life isn’t going on two legs, but on four wheels!

Tim C.: “The 2023 edition was the best experience we have ever had. We had so much fun during the race! We were fighting for the top-20 and we were fast, until the seventh day when we rolled the car seven times! It was not our best day but that is what we are here for: for the adventure! I always say that Dakar is a way of life. It’s freedom, nature, peace… On TV, you can see the beauty of the landscapes, but doing the race you can feel it, taste it. Many people would like to be on the Dakar, so doing it is amazing, and participating in it with my twin brother is a huge privilege... Dakar is in my heart, my mind and my future. I will only stop if I have no other choice! This year, we want to have fun in the dunes and fight for the top-20, top-25. Of course, we would like to experience a Dakar without problems. But on the other hand, it’s part of the adventure!




  • CR6
  • Century Racing and Coronel Dakar Team
  • Coronel Dakar Team
  • T1.2 Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x2

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