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Riding bikes, hiking, camping, exploring, diving, anything outdoors

2020: Ab. Stage 3

2021: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (9th)
2019: Africa Eco Race (9th), Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (11th)
Previous years: Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, FIA Cross-Country World Cup, FIM Cross-Country World Championships


“The Dakar is unfinished business, for sure”

Two years after a difficult Dakar debut, David Mabbs returns to the world's toughest rally with the firm intention of going all the way in the bikes. In 2020, he and Vendetta Racing teammate David McBride entered the demanding Original by Motul class, but they had both abandoned by the rest day. David suffered a broken leg on Stage 3, while McBride was let down by mechanical issues on Stage 6. The biggest problem was the terrain; the veteran British pair had come expecting lots of dunes, but instead found themselves battling through rocks and dust. David was born in Portsmouth, but came to the UAE for work in the 1990s, inspecting ships. In 1999 he was part of McBride's pit crew, before deciding he fancied having a go at desert racing himself and entering the 2000 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in a car. He has been a regular on the offroad circuits ever since, and joined up with Vendetta Racing in 2013, when he made the switch from four wheels to two. David will embark on his second Dakar two days after his 49th birthday, and his confidence will have been boosted by an impressive recent showing at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge. After the disappointment of Dakar 2020, the main goal is to make it safely through to the finish line in Jeddah.

“The Dakar is unfinished business, for sure. It's still the only race I haven't finished. We were hoping for more dunes in 2022. I certainly wasn't expecting the amount of rocks in 2020, and the dust! That was the biggest shock, especially as we had the bikes set up for dunes, which made them far too stiff and difficult to ride. I wouldn't say my leg is 100%, but it's probably as good as it's going to get. I also broke my left wrist six months ago whilst practising, that's still a bit sore as well! Having the Dakar so close makes it manageable. It would be better if it crossed some borders and ventured into Jordan, Oman and the UAE though. We haven't done much racing in the past few years, as nothing has been happening. But we just finished the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, ninth in the Rally GP class and second veterans. Very happy with that result. I'd still love to give a truck a go, that looks like so much fun. Maybe if I win the lottery!”




  • KTM
  • 450 RALLYE
  • Vendetta Racing
  • Vendetta Racing
  • M_R2_NO

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