(ita) 1.78m / 80kg


Mtb ,enduro, running, ski, kayak

الجهات الراعية

Cónseil Ibiza , ayuntamiento Santa Eulalia, 24mx , Raven

2024 : 1st participation

2023 : Intercontinental Rally (DNF) / Morocco Desert Challenge (35th) / Baja Aragón / Baja Extremadura / Rally Galicia
2022 : Rallye du Maroc
2021 : Andalucia Rally, Rallye du Maroc


“When I tried the roadbook, I loved it”

Super Mario is a well-known character in the world of video games... Naturally, when you’re Italian and work as a plomber, it’s hard to escape the nickname that goes with it. This is exactly the case for Fabio Lottero, also known as “Super Fabio”, a nickname he wears on him when riding. Fabio Lottero has been an enduro and motocross enthusiast from an early age and, like many of his fellow competitors who will be sharing the Saudi desert with him, he has always dreamed of racing on the Dakar. Everything was in place for his participation in 2023, but due to logistical problems, he had to give up before it could even begin. But this year, he’ll be there. He’s been preparing for it for several years now. He has raced several national and international rallies, including the Rallye du Maroc, the Baja Aragon or the Andalucia Rally. He developed a passion for navigation, spending hours in the desert on his bike. The Italian rider, originally from Bordighera, a small town on the French border, has been living in Ibiza for over a decade. He considers the Balearic Island as his home. He will be wearing the colours of the Club Aventura Touareg team, which has taken care of preparing his KTM and will provide assistance.

FL: “I’ve always had a passion for motorcycling; I used to watch the Dakar when I was a kid. I started enduro when I was 15, but then I stopped for 14 years, and then I stopped off-roading because I’m from Italy, but I live in Ibiza, in Spain. I got back into it five years ago, with the Baja Aragon, and the passion came back. When I tried the roadbook, I loved it. I raced twice on the Rallye du Maroc, the Andalucia Rally, last year’s Morocco Desert Challenge... also, the Baja Aragon, the Baja Extremadura, some small rallies in Spain... To get ready, I’ve done a lot of mountain biking, kayaking, jet-skiing, swimming, anything that takes place in the water, and now I’m doing a bit more enduro, I went to Morocco in October to get ready. Now I run and do mountain biking every day and go to the gym when I have time. I’ve got a business, but I spend more time training than I used to. I’m almost ready, and I want to get started. My aim is to finish. I like navigating, I love spending hours on the bike. The Dakar is tough, but it’s a race. I want to finish it and enjoy the desert.”




  • KTM
  • Club Aventura Touareg
  • Club Aventura Touareg
  • رالي 2

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