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2021: 19th
2018: Ab. Stage 3
2017: 12th
2016: Ab. Stage 9
2015: 20th (2nd rookie)

2016: Serres Rally (2nd), Morocco Rally (13th)
2015: Sardinia Rally (20th), Serres Rally (1st), Merzouga Rally (8th)
2014: Hellas Rally (2nd), Albania Rally (2nd)
2013: Tuareg Rally (7th), Serres Rally, Albania Rally


“I'm coming back for the podium!”

This most certainly isn’t Ondrej Klymciw’s first Dakar. He made his debut on the event back in 2015 in the bike class, finishing an impressive 20th overall and 2nd rookie behind a certain Toby Price… He was back in 2017 to improve on that position by 9 places, missing out on the top 10 by just 37 seconds. But while trying to find the extra few kph to get up among the front runners the Czech pilot suffered two big crashes, in 2016 and again in 2018, that prompted him to draw a line under his motorcycle racing career. Unwilling to let all that experience go to waste, he set up Klymciw Racing and helped numerous privateers to excellent results, including the American Skyler Howes who finished 9th and best amateur back in 2020. But as Ondrej freely admits he’s a racer at heart and when he first heard about the Dakar Classic he didn’t hesitate to sign up for the inaugural event alongside his American based friend Petr Angelo aboard an improbable but patriotic 2 wheel drive Skoda! The result wasn’t quite what they’d hoped for but they were bitten by the bug, with Ondrej deciding to return on the 2021 finish line. He’ll be back with the same car but with major ambitions and a new co-driver.

“The Dakar Classic was a completely different experience. When you’re racing a bike your concentration levels are 150% and it is physically and mentally exhausting. The Dakar Classic was a holiday by comparison but I really enjoyed the experience. The only trouble is that I’m a competitor, so now I want to come back and improve on the result, and not just by a little -a podium is the goal. Obviously there will be a lot more participants this year so it isn’t going to be straight forward but I will have experience on my side. Not that I am making things easy for myself. We will be back with the same car, which is basically a 2-wheel drive family saloon with very little ground clearance. In 2021 we kept getting stuck when we stopped for check points, but because of our bike riding experience we never actually got stuck in the dunes. I am also coming with a new co-driver who has no navigation experience… However he’s a very good guy to have around when things get complicated. He was our mechanic in 2021 and he is always going on adventures all over the world, so I think he will come in very useful!




  • LR 130
  • Klymciw Racing
  • Klymciw Racing
  • a Baja anterior al 86

Clasificación 2022


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