(nld) 1.86m / 86kg


Motocross, mountainbiking


Eurol , Bouwmangroup, Polskamp , Topparken.

2023:3rd (one stage win)
2022: 6th
2021: 8th
2020: 23rd
2019: Ab. stage 3
2018: Ab. stage 4
2017: 35th (2 stage wins)
2016: Ab. stage 2
2015: 17th
2014: 20th
2013: 11th
2012: 13th
2011: 11th
2010: 35th
2009: 12th

2021: Tunsia Desert Challenge (1st SSV), Silk Way Rally (6th), Andalucía Rally (1st SSV)
2019: Silk Way Rally (4th), Morocco Desert Challenge (4th)
2018: Morocco Desert Challenge (2nd), Silk Way Rally (11th)
2017: Morocco Desert Challenge (1st), Silk Way Rally (ab), Morocco Rally (ab)
2016: Libya Rally (1st), Silk Way Rally (3rd)
2015: Rallye du Maroc (1st), Libya Rally (Ab.)
2014: Rallye du Maroc (32nd)
2013: Silk Way Rally (9th)
2012: Silk Way Rally (10th)


“We want to help Mitchel, he’s young and fast”

Martin Van Den Brink faces his 16th Dakar after enjoying his best result so far in 2023, finishing on the podium and winning one stage. But the competitive and experienced Dutch driver swears that during the 2024 race, he will be focused on his son Mitchel, 4th last year after facing some flat tyres problems. Things have changed since 2023 as the van den Brink family is now driving in its own team, Eurol Rallysport. Unity is strength in the family, and they will try to work together in order to compete with the De Rooy squad.

M.v.d.B.: “Dakar 2023 was very good for us: I ended 3rd, my son Mitchel 4th and we were in the team of Janus van Kasteren, winner of the T5 race. We’re now in our own team and the aim is to bring Mitchel to the podium, as high as possible! We will drive our own race but I think that he will be in front of us, so we will try to help him. He was unlucky in 2023 but he’s young and fast. It will be his fourth Dakar and he already has a lot of experience. Team work is the key and we will try to drive as a team. We read that it will be the hardest Saudi Dakar and we love it! We’re excited about the new 48H Chrono Stage. I think it will require discipline, maybe less speed during the first day in order to survive and reach the finish line of the stage.”




  • T-WAY
  • Eurol Rallysport
  • Eurol Rallysport
  • T5.1: Prototype Cross-Country Trucks

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