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Racing, motocross and fitness

2023: 4th (one stage win)
2022: 10th
2021: 19th


“I’m no longer satisfied with a Top 5”

With a driver that’s 21 years-old and a co-driver that’s 24, the Euro Rallysport squad certainly has youth on its side for two-thirds of the line-up, with driver Mitchel van der Brink following in his father’s footsteps with near-neighbour Jarno van de Pol acting by his side. Bringing experience to the table is Moi Torrallardona, who points out that his age is more than the combined ages of his two team-mates! But don't think that Mitchel is inexperienced: he knows the dunes very well since he spent several weeks training people in Morocco and Abu Dhabi, with buggies and trucks! The trio aimed for a good result in 2023, for their first time together, but punctures put an end to their ambitions. They still managed to win a stage, proving that they have the speed to fight up front. Martin, Mitchel’s father, is also involved in the race and plans to help them. Unity is strength for the family which will try to dethrone its former team, Team De Rooy.

M.v.d.B.: “My father started the Dakar in 2008 and since then I’ve had an interest. I’ve been involved in working on the project and especially in the technical aspects since I was young. I would test the trucks as a mechanic, but also driving them since I was 14. I know Jarno very well as he lives close to my house and he’s often in our workshop. I met Moi on the Dakar 2022, he’s a very nice guy and he’s very experienced, so I have a lot of trust in him. We had no chance of fighting for the podium after the punctures last year, so we changed our plan and helped the other crews of the team. But we have been constantly among the fastest, which gives us confidence. I’m not going to say that we come to win or get on the podium, because everything can happen here, but let’s be honest: I’m no longer satisfied with a Top 5. We will try to achieve the best possible result. I helped my father, there the roles will be reversed and it’s good to be able to make strategies.”

M.T.: “It’s going to be my 15th or 16th Dakar, but only my second time in Saudi Arabia. I’ve worked with the team in different roles over the years. I know Mitchel’s father well and I know Jarno. Two young guys whose combined age is less than mine! They might be very young, but they are really, really good. I don’t feel like a father as they are very, very nice guys and very mature in their approach. I feel confident with them.”




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