(usa) 1.9m / 90kg


MTB, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Jet Skis, Fishing


Garrett Off Road Racing

2019: Ab. Stage 6

2019: Sonora Rally (2nd), Morocco Desert Challenge (1st), Serres Rally
2018 Sonora Rally Winner
2017 Baja 1000 (5th)
5 Time Rhino Rally Winner
2017 USRA Overall Champion
2016 USRA Open Champion
2012 AMA National Hare and Hound 250A Champion
2008 USRA Desert 125A Champion


“I return with less expectations!”

At only 27 years of age, Skyler Howes has already made quite a name for himself on the US off-road racing scene (winner of the Sonora Rally, US champion, 5th of the Baja 1000), yet the Dakar was a whole new “monster” when he showed up in Peru last year. The rider from Utah learned things the hard way, slightly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. It started with flue, he then crashed and dislocated his shoulder on a liaison after avoiding a youngster on a scooter. Riding with a separated shoulder didn’t however prevent him from battling it out with the big boys and finishing 10th of stage 5. Sadly the following day another crash saw him injure his shoulder again and there was just no way he could pop it back in this time and continue. The American returns with a completely different state of mind. Riding on a new Husqvarna 450, he doesn’t want to put too much pressure on himself. He knows he has the speed but will start with less expectations delighted to be on the same playing field as everyone now the Dakar is in Saudi Arabia.

“I started watching the Dakar with my dad on TV. Then as I was riding with Chris Blais, I got interested in doing it. I was a good friend of Kurt Caselli and he gave me the biggest motivation to go. The first goal was to make it to the start but it was only my third real off-road rally. I underestimated it. The magnitude of the event was huge. I had never used a GPS and was unsure of my navigation so it was pretty frustrating. But that first Dakar was a real eye-opener. It was really tough having to quit, not because of the pain but mostly because it was like letting down all these people who helped me so much. I’m still new in this discipline and I know I need more experience. Last year, I put too much pressure on myself. I was focused on getting a too good result. For this one I have far less expectations and I don’t want to ride with that stress. So I’m planning on having fun and I’m super happy of going to Saudi Arabia, a new country. The bonus of going there is that no-one is familiar with the terrain. We’re all on the same playing field and the big factory teams won’t have such a big advantage. It’s the reason I love rally.”



  • Marca : HUSQVARNA
  • Modelo : FR 450 RALLY
  • Preparador : KLYMCIW RACING
  • Asistencia : KLYMCIW RACING
  • Clase : G2.1 Superproducción فئة الإنتاج السوبر G2.1

Clasificación 2020

Scratch Etapa General
1 18 18 18
2 11 11 16
3 10 10 11
4 9 9 10
5 18 18 9
6 10 10 8
7 12 12 8
8 - - 8
9 15 15 9
10 13 13 8
11 21 20 9
12 11 11 9

Toute l'actualité de S. Howes

Últimas noticias - 09/01 08:03 [GMT +3] - Moto

Howes en la salida

Skyler Howes está a punto de arrancar en la especial, 3 minutos después de Sam Sunderland. El piloto estadounidense, muy constante desde la salida, figura en 10ª posición en la general esta mañana y forma parte de los mejores pilotos no oficiales en su segundo Dakar, con 27 años. Un nombre que recordar para el futuro.

Últimas noticias - 08/01 08:24 [GMT +3] - Moto

Howes entre los pesos pesados

En su segundo Dakar, Skyler Howes, con sus 27 años, muestra un gran potencial. 10º en la etapa 3, el piloto estadounidense de 1.90m y 90 kg, se encuentra esta mañana al iniciar la especial a las puertas del Top 10 en la general.


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