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2021: first appearance

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A new Al Attiyah on the Dakar

On the 2021 Dakar, there won’t be one but two Al Attiyahs on the start line of the rally. Indeed after triumphant Nasser, winner of the Dakar three-times in the cars class, his younger brother Khalifa Al Attiyah will be discovering the event. It’s actually Nasser who registered Khalifa on the rally and pushed him to go for it. The 42-year-old has limited experience in motorsports but still competed in Baja races in Italy, Morocco and at home, as well as the Middle-East Rally championship. On the Dakar, the Qatari will be driving a Can Am prepared by the South Racing team and will have experienced Paolo Ceci at his side. Indeed his Italian co-driver is a former biker who finished all five of his rallies in the Top 20 including a career high 14th spot on his first experience in 2010 that he repeated in 2015. He even went on to join the HRC Honda factory team for his last appearance on the Dakar in 2016. Both men only met in December and competed together on the last two rounds of the Baja World Cup in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia.

Paolo Ceci: “After my bike career, in 2019 I raced the Africa Eco Race with a Polaris RSR 1000, to compete with my wife, but it was a disaster. We had a lot of technical problems, even if in the end we managed to reach the finish line, as I always did so far in all my races. I didn't really think I was going to do the Dakar again. If anything, I was thinking of redoing the Africa Eco Race, which, however, was canceled due to COVID. Then I got the call as to become the navigator of Khalifa Al-Attiyah, and I didn't think twice. I had a little laugh, because we will have to speak English. I speak it quite well but not as a professor, and he will speak it as a Qatari... We will understand each other through gestures! But, we can aim for a good result”



  • Marca : CAN - AM
  • Modelo : XRS
  • Preparador : South Racing - Can Am
  • Asistencia : South Racing - Can Am
  • Clase : T4.1 SSV de serie turbo

Clasificación 2021

Scratch Etapa General
0 16 16 16
1 41 41 40
2 28 28 34
3 5 5 29
4 19 19 26
5 2 2 14
6 2 2 11
7 12 12 11
8 41 41 16
9 2 2 10
10 4 3 10
11 4 4 8
12 16 16 9

Toute l'actualité de K. Al attiyah

Últimas noticias - 08/01 16:21 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Reñidísima batalla entre Quintero y Al-Attiyah

Si bien Seth Quintero había conseguido llevar su ventaja sobre Khalifa Al-Attiyah a más de dos minutos a la altura del km 202, su renta ha adelgazado hasta los 24’’ en el punto de control siguiente. ¡El joven americano todavía no tiene la carrera atada y tendrá que pelear hasta el final contra uno de los hermanos Al-Attiyah !


Últimas noticias - 07/01 14:13 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Al-Attiyah en cabeza

En esta ocasión, ¡no hablamos de Nasser Al-Attiyah, sino de su hermano Khalifa! En el km 250, el piloto de Can Am adelanta a Reinaldo Varela, varado en el km 247 debido a un problema mecánico.

Últimas noticias - 05/01 12:51 [GMT +3] - Véhicule Léger

Otro Al-Attiyah entre los primeros

El hermano pequeño de Nasser, Khalifa Al-Attiyah, que participa en su primer Dakar, registra el cuarto mejor tiempo en el km 217, a poco menos de 4 minutos del líder. Tras tres especiales, su mejor resultado por el momento ha sido la 16ª posición en el prólogo. Khalifa podría hacerse con su primer podio de etapa hoy...



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