N°349 Coches AGRORODEO


(ltu) Nació el 28/08/1987 en Vilnius


2017 : Ab. Stage 5
2016: Ab. Stage 11

Traditional rallies
Baja Italy, Baja Poland, Lithuanian offroad championship


“We need to cross the finish line this time!”

After their crazy challenge of taking on the Dakar in what they called their little Bee Dakar car, based on the body of a Seat Leon, it’s back to basics for Vaidotas Zala and Saulius Jurgelenas. Failing to finish the last two rallies in South America, the Lithuanian crew have decided to go for a far more reliable Toyota Hilux. After enjoying another season of traditional rallying on home soil and neighbouring countries, Zala’s goal is now to finish the World’s toughest off-road event.

V.Z.: "Our memories of the last Dakar are sleepless and long days spent on the road. Our car had many technical issues. It’s tempting to tell myself that the previous race was the hardest ever, and that the next one will be better. But the Dakar has always ways to surprise you, hence it’s better to prepare for very tough two weeks. The best preparation is driving. Lots of it. The more you drive, the better you feel the car, the least it’s likely to surprise you. I do classic rallying every year, it helps me to stay sharp. Our previous car required major technical improvements. However, we were very keen to participate in the 40th Dakar. Hence, we chose a vehicle that is reliable and fast. We need to cross the finish line this time!”



  • Marca : TOYOTA
  • Modelo : HILUX
  • Preparador :
  • Asistencia :
  • Clase : A_T1.1 : 4x4 Essence

Clasificación 2018

Scratch Etapa General
1 20 20 20
2 26 26 24
3 33 33 27
4 25 25 24
5 20 20 23
6 17 17 20
7 12 12 15
8 16 16 13
9 - - -
10 21 21 13
11 37 37 19
12 21 21 19
13 9 9 18
14 14 14 18


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