N°253 Cuadriciclos MOTO RACING GROUP (MRG)


(cze) Nació el 11/03/1976 en Karvin


Moto Racing Group


2018: Ab. Stage 3
2017: Ab. Stage 5

2018: Merzouga Rally (6th), Baja Espana Aragon (9th)
2016: Balkan Offroad Rallye, Duna Aszfalt Cup (1st)
2015: Hellas Rally (2nd)
2014: Rally Breslau (1st)
2013: Romanian Baja (1st)
2012: European Baja (2nd)
2011: Baja Carpathia (2nd), Intercontinental Rally (1st)
2010: Italian Baja (3rd)


“I think I'll finally get to the finish line”

Czech quad rider Tomáš Kubiena is hoping it will be third time lucky as he returns to the Dakar following abandons in 2017 and 2018. The 42-year-old businessman has had his fair share of bad luck on the rally so far, with mechanical problems forcing him to retire in his first two participations. But with the help of the ambitious Moto Racing Group (MRG), who are back for their sixth Dakar in South America, Tomáš is determined to make it through to the finish line in Lima. A talented rider with over a decade of experience under his belt, he has been training hard this year, knowing that finally making it to the end of the world's toughest rally on his Hawk 690 would be a standout achievement in an already impressive career.

“I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Dakar. Like most competitors, I enjoy the dunes, they make for some amazing riding. It'll be physically demanding, a lot of people will make mistakes, and with such difficult navigation you always run the risk of incurring penalties. But we've been preparing carefully throughout the year. We've done plenty of testing at several races, especially on sand. I think our preparations have been good and we can have fun at the Dakar again. I think this will be the year I'll finally get to the finish line, so we'll have something to celebrate with the team.”



  • Marca : IBOS
  • Modelo : HAWK 690
  • Preparador : Moto Racing Group
  • Asistencia : Moto Racing Group
  • Clase : Q_GQ.1 : G3.1 - 2 roues motrices - 0 à 750 cm3

Clasificación 2019

Scratch Etapa General
1 3 3 3
2 5 5 4
3 6 6 6
4 8 8 5
5 - - -
6 - - -
7 - - -
8 - - -
9 - - -
10 - - -

Toute l'actualité de T. Kubiena

Últimas noticias - 11/01 13:05 [GMT -5] - Quad

Kubiena dice adiós

Mal día para Tomas Kubiena. El piloto checo, quinto en la general esta mañana, se ha visto obligado a abandonar en el kilómetro 54 de la especial tras romper el motor de su quad Ibos.

Últimas noticias - 10/01 10:15 [GMT -5] - Quad

Kubiena sigue por buen camino

Tomas Kubiena sigue a la cabeza de la especial quads al paso por el CP2. El piloto de Ibos saca 1'20 a Alexandre Giroud, mentras que Nicolás Cavigliasso baja a la cuarta posición a 3'06. 

Últimas noticias - 10/01 09:14 [GMT -5] - Quad

Kubiena destaca

La sorpresa del día en quad podría ser Tomas Kubiena. El checo, que tuvo que abandonar en sus dos primeras participaciones, pasa por el CP1 con algo más de un minuto de ventaja sobre Gustavo Gallego. El francés Alexandre Giroud también parece tener un buen día, con una tercera posición provisional. 


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