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Offroad driving

First appearance

Chinese offroad events, including Taklimakan Rally and Dahaidao Super Endurance Race


“We’ll try to learn from Al Attiyah and Loeb”

Feilong Liu and Yicheng Wang will take part in their first Dakar in 2024 with the ambitious YunXiang China T1+ team. The Chinese duo have long been fans of motorsport and developed their passion growing up on the fringes of the Gobi Desert. Yicheng began competing in rallies over a decade ago, claiming podium finishes as a co-driver at the Asian Baja and Alxa Inner Mongolia. He also honed his talents at international events like the China Grand Rally and the Silk Way Rally, while he and Feilong have already driven together at major domestic competitions such as the Taklimakan Rally. The two thirtysomethings will definitely be making a high-octane start to life on the Dakar as they get to grips with a Prodrive Hunter, one of the best T1+ cars in rally-raid. No fewer than 10 mechanics and engineers from the renowned British team will be joining the 20-strong YunXiang setup over the course of the rally, looking after three all-Chinese crews. Feilong and Yicheng will be driving the same Hunter that Sebastien Loeb guided to second place overall at Dakar 2023, while there will be new cars for Ping Sun/Min Liao and Yungang Zi/Hong Yu Pan. Feilong is also looking forward to sharing a space on the bivouac with rally legends Loeb and Nasser Al Attiyah, who will also be supported by Prodrive as part of the Bahrain Raid Xtreme and Nasser Racing teams. The Ordos native is hoping to pick up a few useful tips that will allow him and Yicheng to enjoy a successful debut and bring their Hunter safely to the finish line in Yanbu.

F.L.: “I have a group of very good friends and as boys we all loved motor vehicles, especially offroad cars. Just like Ping Sun, we had a rally in the desert next to our city, so we tried it out and fell in love with rally. I’m very glad to be taking on the biggest challenge in rally-raid at the Dakar. If possible, we’ll try to learn from Nasser Al Attiyah and Sebastien Loeb, and make the most of their driving experience. Everyone knows that Nasser has won the Dakar and the W2RC in different teams, while Loeb is famous as a nine-time WRC champion. As we’re in the same team, we hope to learn more about their understanding of the rally and the car. I hope one of them wins the Dakar. Our objective is just to finish every special, and if possible, get the best result we can.”

Y.W.: “I’ve been fond of cars since I was young, and I love them very much. The first time I took part in a car rally was a desert challenge in our local area in 2012. The first time I heard about the Dakar was in high school, in a CCTV-5 broadcast. At that time, the Dakar was still in Africa. A seed was planted in my heart, a desire to participate in the Dakar, and now that dream is finally coming true. Feilong and I have raced together before in the Dahaidao Super Endurance Race and the Taklimakan Rally. We are partners and we have a good relationship. For me, finishing the rally would make it a success. It’s our first Dakar, after all, and the only idea is to finish.”




  • YunXiang Racing / Prodrive
  • YunXiang Racing / Prodrive
  • T1+: Prototype Cross-Country Cars 4x4

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