There is going to be two kinds of classifications:

The SxS category for the vehicles that match the ASO regulation.
This regulation is the same than the 2018 edition. The only things changing:

  • The diameter of the rims will be 15 inches maximum. The diameter of the tires will always be 30 inches maximum. 
  • One or two fuel tanks will be accepted. 

For more information, please refer to the article 9P2.5 to the Cars / SxS / trucks specific regulations available here.

The Group OP.3 : « UTV Open » : for vehicles that match the ASN regulation and which must have a security documentation valid by the ASN regulation.

Those vehicles must depend on the provisional following rules:

Technical specificities, OP.3 Group Vehicles: UTV OPEN

All 2 and 4 WD Vehicles (UTV type) conforming to any 2018 NSA’s regulations for UTV-type Vehicles and without restrictors for petrol engine. The Vehicle must come with a safety documentation conforming to the NSA regulations.

The Vehicle’s legibility can only be approved by the Organisation (A.S.O.). Any Vehicle which appears to be not conform with the UTV NSA integration spirit will be refused. An A.S.O. technical passport can be demanded for the Vehicle.

All the Vehicle’s safety equipment must be homologated and/or be conform with the FIA Regulations, except from the safety cage which needs to be conform with the NSA’s Regulations. Only fuel tanks conforming to the FT3-1999, FT3.5-1999 or FT5-1999 standards are permitted.

T9P2 Conception of Safety cage
The safety cage must be in compliance with the regulation of an ASN for cross countries rallies and CODASUR for the South-American vehicles for which their ASN accept production roll-cages without modification*.

T9P3 Size of Safety cage
The size of safety cage must be homologated by an ASN

T9P4 Weight
UTV ASN : the minimum weight is set at 900kg including 2 spare wheels.

T9P5 Tyres size
The diameter of the rim is set at a maximum of 14 15* inches, with a maximum tyre diameter of 30 inches.

T9P6 Width of the vehicle
The maximum width of the bodywork is 1,90 meters, without rear mirrors and/or possible spare wheels if installed on side.

T9P7 Engine
The engine must come from the standard vehicle. The maximum nominal cylinder capacity is set at 1050 cm3; turbo petrol permitted if from standard or manufacturer official kit, without any modification except these defined by manufacturer for kit installation. Intercooler of this turbo kit must be standard intercooler for that turbo vehicle where it derives from or being the one from standard homologated turbo vehicle.

T9P8 Inflating / Deflating
The use of any system for inflating / deflating the tires when the car is in motion is forbidden.

T9P9 Safety equipment
All the safety equipment has to be homologated, valid, and/or conform with the FIA Regulations Appendix J, Article 283, except from the safety cage which needs to be conform with the NSA’s Regulations.

T9P10 Fuel Tank
The tanks shall be in accordance with the current Annex J - FIA, Article 283, Article 14. The maximum fuel capacity is limited to 130 liters and will guarantee an autonomy of 250km (+10%). Placed inside the structure of the vehicle, can be enlarged through under the seats until their front part. No part of the protective housing of the tank may be situated less than 800 mm rearward of the front axle centerline*.

T9P11 Oil
The oil used shall be in conformity with the current Annex J - FIA, Article 282, Article 9 and the Specific Regulation of the Race, Article 31P5. Specifics oils are forbidden.

T9P12 Bodywork
The bodywork must come from standard vehicle with possible modifications. The vehicle must have a roof.

T9P13 Speed Limit
For all UTV ASN vehicles, the maximum speed is limited to 130km/h with a tolerance fixed to 135km/h for a maximum up to 1 min per hour.

T9P14 Suspension
The suspension stroke at the wheel is limited at 18'' (front) and at 20'' (rear).
The suspension arms are free.
Uprights, wheel bearings and hubs must come from the standard vehicle or stay standard.

For more information, please refer to the article 9P2.6 of the Cars/SxS/Trucks specific regulations available here.

* Last Changes : 08/29/2018