This year, the organization of the Dakar integrated to the 2021 regulations the implementation of new measures to improve the safety of bike and quad pilots. Among these measures features the obligation to wear an airbag jacket. 

As mentioned in the article 32 of the 2021 Bike & Quad regulations, the pilot commits to wear an airbag jacket with a fully functional cartridge and to carry with them on their machine one replacement pressurized cartridge.

However, since it is an innovation in rally-raid and exceptionally for the first year, the organization of the Dakar, in collaboration with the manufacturers, commits to provide the replacement cartridges. The latter will be available at the refueling points of each stage as well as in the bivouac. To get a new cartridge, the pilot will have to return his used cartridge.

In order to ease the purchase of your airbag jacket, you can find below all the information related to the different commercialized products compliant with the F.I.M homologation.

ALPINESTARS TechAir Off road Jacopo Pan November 2020
HELITE Helite Airbag Off Road 

Tiphanie Baruet

Sylvain France

November 2020


Fury Air Bag System +

Chest Connector Pocket +

Chest LNR D3O

Refer to the Furygan dealers list on the Furygan website

Available in the brand’s dealers network

Airbag already in shop, chest connector in September


Held eVest +

Held chest protector

Refer to the Held dealers list on the Held website

Available in the brand’s dealers network September 2020
RST Adventure Xtrem Jacket Alastair Day

September 2020

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