Jean-Loup Lepan: "Today was not my day"

Dakar 2024 | Stage 7 | RIYADH > AL DUWADIMI
January 14 th 2024 - 16:00 [GMT + 3]

The third-placed rider in the 2023 World Cup, eleventh overall and perched at the summit of the ranking since the Empty Quarter stage, lost his lead today.

Jean-Loup Lepan - Stage 7 - ENG
Jean-Loup Lepan - Etape 7 - FR

"Today was not my day. I didn't feel good and I didn't find the first waypoint, costing me fifteen minutes. I wasn't focused today. That's it. The Dakar is very long, we have five more days and, for me, all is good. I'm ready for tomorrow and to continue the fight."

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