Dani Sanders: "It was rock and roll out there, mate"

Dakar 2024 | Stage 1 | ALULA > AL HENAKIYAH
January 6 th 2024 - 15:45 [GMT + 3]

In his first race back from injury, stage 1 put Dani Sanders through the wringer. However, the Australian, tough as nails, put in a flawless performance to finish in the top 10.


"It was rock and roll out there, mate. I loved it. I definitely wish I set the bike up a little different for today. It's punishment out there. It's a good way to knock us around the first day of the Dakar. It feels like we've done five days already. Anyway, for me to come off the injury and straight into that was brutal, but I just didn't want to crash. So that was the priority. And I finished in a not too bad spot. I'm happy to make it to the finish line without any scratches. So that's good. I would have preferred nice and easy, but it's good to know where the bike is. We'll make some changes tonight and try and adapt it for the rest of the race."

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