Vaidotas Žala: "We were alone in the desert"

Dakar 2023 | Stage 7 | RIYADH > AL DUWADIMI
January 7 th 2023 - 14:38 [GMT + 3]

BRX's Lithuanian driver finished second in the special.


Vaidotas Zala - Stage 7 - ENG

"It was my best stage so far… Finally! The navigation was really, really tricky. Paulo did a good job. We didn't have any punctures, we just tried to avoid all the stones. Overall, it was a nice day, I liked it. It was strange for us, we didn't see any cars in front of us. We were alone in the desert. Ekström was not too far behind, but maybe he had a problem. It's up and down, but today really sweetens the feeling."

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