“Chaleco” López: “1000 km in one day”

Dakar 2023 | Stage 6 | SHUBAYTAH > SHUBAYTAH
January 6 th 2023 - 19:42 [GMT + 3]

 “Chaleco” finished 6th today 6’33’’ behind the winner, is still 4th in the general rankings, but trails by 2 hours and 45 minutes due to his problems in previous days.

« Chaleco » Lopez – Stage 6 – ENG
« Chaleco » Lopez – Stage 6 – ESP

“Today was better than yesterday. It was a nice stage. It was very sandy and very technical. It was a long day. Now we have a link route of 300 kilometres. In the morning with the stage and the link route that was 200 kilometres, I think that makes 1000 kilometres in one day. During the first week on two days I’ve had problems with my car and lost time. For today, that’s another day finished”.

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