Mitchell Guthrie: "It's been a great rally"

Dakar 2023 | Stage 13 | SHAYBAH > AL-HOFUF
January 14 th 2023 - 13:21 [GMT + 3]

The American made the best of a bad job by clinching his fifth stage win today, boosting his confidence in his own pace and the potential of his new T3 by MCE5 development.

Mitch Guthrie – Stage 13 – ENG

"It was a tough day, but a lot of fun. The car did great, so we're happy and we'll see where we end up in the stage. It was dunes the entire time, so we never had one break, there was no refuel or anything. A long day, tough on the body and on the car. Really tough to read the dunes because the sun was right above was, so there were no shadows really, so a lot of the times it was really hard to read, but I had a lot of fun.

We basically just struggled at one little waypoint towards the end. Other than that, we just tried to keep up the speed as best as we could. One day to hope, I'm happy we've definitely shown the speed that the car has, the team, everyone, we've put in a lot of work and it's been a great rally so far, other than some issues we had. Right now, we're sitting at four stage wins, we'll see what today brings us, but it's been a great rally."

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