Daniel Sanders: “My arm is not too good”

January 13 th 2023 - 10:17 [GMT + 3]

 Daniel Sanders was the 2nd rider to start this morning and also kept the same position at the finishing line, a fine performance, just like that of Toby Price who set off just after him to finish third. However, it is not sufficient to get himself back into the reckoning: “Chucky” is 7th in the general rankings, 20 minutes from the summit.

Daniel Sanders – Stage 12 – ENG

 “It was pretty good. I started second and then caught Luciano after 60, 50 or 40 km, something like that. Then I got to open the rest of the stage and keep pushing. It was good fun. I’m slowly getting a little bit better in the dunes, getting back into the rhythm. It was good fun, not too hot. It was good to do some dunes, before a nice bit of chott to rest and then getting back into the dunes again and pushing. It was a pretty good day. My arm is not too good. It’s pretty painful today. We’ll go back and see if the thorn or the needle thing is coming out because today was pretty painful. It was really annoying going across all the chotts because the vibrations was moving it all the time, so I was trying to push it back into the muscle because I think it’s trying to come out. It’s just a pain. We’ll probably get it out today. I’d tried to get to the end of the race, but another two days with it doesn’t feel good. It’s not good, it’s not fun. Tomorrow, we’ll see where we start, hopefully we’ll be back a bit and push to try and win it, then the last day is reverse order, so it doesn’t matter if you win tomorrow, you start last of the bikes so all the lines are already there. It will be good fun”.

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