Lucas Moraes: “One more, one less, as we say in Brazil”

Dakar 2023 | Stage 11 | ALULA > YANBU
January 12 th 2023 - 16:51 [GMT + 3]

 For his first participation on the Dakar, Brazilian Lucas Moraes is still in second position in the general rankings after stage 11, with a lead of 9 minutes over Sébastien Loeb.

Lucas Moraes - Stage 11 - ENG
Lucas Moraes - Stage 11 - BRA

 “One more, one less, as we say in Brazil. It’s great to finish the eleventh stage, the first part of the marathon stage. It was quite a tricky one with some tricky climbs to do, but the car went pretty well. Timo did amazingly, as well. Another top for or top 3, I guess – we still need to see the results, but we are still in second place overall, so let’s try to keep pushing and see how Loeb dill react. Crossing dunes, this car helps a lot, with the lower torque and the big wheels, that really helps. Then you just have to have the feeling of where is better to go and sometimes use the traction sometimes – less throttle is better because you’re not spinning, using the torque of the car… So, it’s not easy, but it was a good one. There is nothing crazy to do on the car, no big impacts to day or anything, so we’ll try to take care of the car and be ready for tomorrow”.

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