Janus Van Kasteren: “I’m going for the podium, 100% for it”

Dakar 2022 | Stage 5 | Riyadh > Riyadh
January 6 th 2022 - 18:40 [GMT + 3]

Behind the 100% Kamaz podium dominated by Sotnikov in the general rankings, Janus Van Kasteren is displaying resistance behind the wheel of his Team De Rooy Iveco truck. He occupies fourth place and trails the truck race leader by 52 minutes.

Janus Van Kasteren - Stage 5 - ENG
Janus Van Kasteren - Stage 5 - NLD

“It was okay. We lost some time because something got stuck under my brake pedal and we needed to stop and take it out. That’s when the Kamaz passed me. For the rest, it was a very hard stage, not the best one for me. I’m fighting with the Kamaz trucks, that’s also good for Kamaz, I think. It’s a little bit of competition and I like it – I didn’t expect that. They are professionals, once again, and it’s my hobby, so it’s really nice that we have a good speed like them. I’m going for the podium, 100% for it. We will see… It was quite good – after about 100 km, we passed them, we passed them all. We can beat them, but it’s not easy to win back forty-five minutes. It’s really fun, for an amateur like me, it’s really fun – it’s the big factory team and it’s nice”.

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