Joan “Nani” Roma: “Our goal is to finish on the podium”

Dakar 2022 | Stage 3 | AL DUWADIMI > AL SALAMIYA
January 4 th 2022 - 19:06 [GMT + 3]

The winner of the Dakar in 2014 in the car category finished fourth on the day’s special and has gained back some of the time previously lost but still trails Nasser Al-Attiyah by 1 hour and 20 minutes, occupying 11th place in the overall classification.

Joan "Nani" Roma - Etapa 3 - ESP
Joan "Nani" Roma - Etapa 3 - ENG

“It’s great, it’s great. This is the feeling that I had before I started the race. The main problem is that when you lose one hour and fifteen minutes on the first day, it’s hard. It’s hard for me, it’s hard for me, for Alex, for all the work we have already done. But that’s part of the sport and part of the rally, you know? There are many hard days ahead and many things can happen before we arrive in Jeddah. This means that some days we have to continue like that. We’re happy with the performance yesterday. I’ve worked a lot on this car, so it means I’m really happy about that. We must continue like that. We know how fast the guys in front are. This means our goal is to finish on the podium. You never know what may happen. The racing is hard on the Dakar, I know that. I lost one Dakar two days from the end, when I was leading by twenty minutes on the bike. This means that I know how hard it is to race. Now, we will continue to push like that – not crazy, but at the speed we have now which is a good speed”.

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