Janus Van Kasteren: “This fifth place is the maximum for me”

January 13 th 2022 - 17:23 [GMT + 3]

The Dutch member of Team De Rooy is in fifth place in the general rankings, behind the four Russian drivers who have dominated the rally from start to finish…

Janus Van Kasteren - Stage 11 - ENG
Janus Van Kasteren - Stage 11 - NLD

“Today they promised us high dunes and we got high dunes, so that’s good. They were really tough, especially at the beginning. We broke two steel springs, so we went a little bit calm. We cannot win anything against Kamaz and I only can lose today, so I did it calm today, at 80%. I’m happy that we finished today. That is a story, I think: the first behind the Kamaz, I think I’m the first. That is the maximum I can do. I just saw the Kamaz guys passing me in the dunes, they have so much power and so much experience. We have respect for that, of course, but this fifth place is the maximum for me, when all the Kamaz finish in the top four. I’m happy with fifth place up until now – tomorrow is the last day of course. On the last Dakar with De Rooy I was sixth and I’ve gone for the top five, so if I finish tomorrow in fifth place, I’ll be really, really happy. It’s better and better. We’ll see, we have a lot of homework to do with the engine and some with the suspension, but especially with the engine, we can improve a lot, I think”.

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