Alexandre Giroud: "I am my own worst enemy"

Dakar 2022 | Stage 10 | Wadi Ad Dawasir > Bisha
January 12 th 2022 - 17:02 [GMT + 3]

The leader of the quad race benefited from the ordeal of his Argentinian-Americal rival, Pablo Copetti, to reach Bisha with 2 h 36 in hand over Kamil Wiśniewski, now second overall.

Alexandre Giroud - Etape 10 - FR

"For me, today was the longest and psychologically toughest stage so far. I saw Copetti on the side of the track and that was it, so I think he ran into some serious trouble. The difficult part now is taking the machine all the way to the finish. I am my own worst enemy. When I saw what had happened to Copetti, I eased up and it almost felt too long. But this is how mechanicals work. I know what it feels like to suffer one at the worst possible time, so I need to stay humble and cautious."

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