Kevin Benavides: “Everything can change in one second”

January 12 th 2021 - 15:15 [GMT + 3]

The Argentinean occupies second place in the general standings, 11’24’’ behind Cornejo and pursued by Sam Sunderland.

“Just now I’ve received the news that my brother crashed, so I am so disappointed with that and I hope he is ok. Also, today was a special day for me, one year on from Paulo… So, I tried to push all day, to stay focused, to keep the speed up and not make mistakes. So, I think it was a good stage. Nacho did a good job. At the end I heard Toby also crashed, so it was a really dangerous day today. I am happy to be here okay and so is the bike. We have three more days to go and to continue fighting. We have a lot of kilometres left, so I think the strategy is to continue to be focused because everything can change in one second. For me, I'll take it day by day”.

Et.9 - Kevin Benavides - ESP
Et.9 - Kevin Benavides - US

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