Martin Macík: “This was harder than the marathon stage”

January 12 th 2021 - 19:08 [GMT + 3]


With his first stage victory obtained after a fierce battle against Russian Airat Mardeev, Martin Macík now occupies fifth place in the general standings. The Czech driver can still legitimately lay a claim to a place on the final podium.

“Well, I think that this was harder than the marathon stage. The stage was really hard, really bumpy, very long and especially dusty, which was really annoying. From the first kilometres on the beach we were close to Mardeev and then we were just in the dust for hundreds of kilometres and there was nothing else. We were using sentinel between each other all the time, overtaking all the time. I don't like this kind of racing in the dust, but after all it's a victory for us on this stage. We are fifth overall and we need to work really hard to be better. They are like tens of minutes in front of us, so we will try to do our best, but it will be hard”.

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