Dmitry Sotnikov: “The main problem today was the dust”

January 12 th 2021 - 19:47 [GMT + 3]


By ensuring third place on completion of the ninth stage behind Macík and Mardeev, Dmitry Sotnikov comforts his position as general standings leader. The Kamaz driver now boasts a lead of 45 minutes over Shibalov.

“It wasn’t easy, but I think the main problem today was the dust. We lost about two and a half minutes with the navigation. We stayed for a long time behind the Maz of Wiśniewski as well as a Tatra and we lost a lot of time, because it was full of dust. First of all the Maz of Wiśniewski got a puncture and we passed him, but after that, maybe after about ten kilometres there was a Tatra with a puncture too and we passed it as well. Then it was rather clear and we built up some speed, but at one moment we saw Anton Shibalov and followed him until the finish of the stage. It wasn’t an easy day. It was rather long and there were a lot of stones. We tried to be very careful because we understood that it would not be a good idea to change the tyres today. On the second half we were just watchful and careful”.

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