Jakub Przygoński: “We didn’t have any issues, so that’s good”

January 4 th 2021 - 15:34 [GMT + 3]

After the eighth best time on the day’s special, the Polish driver’s consistency is starting to bear fruit with 5th position in the general standings.  

“It was a long stage. It was good navigation from Timo, but at one point we made a mistake and lost about three minutes, but this can always happen. We had good speed on a really fast stage – maybe a little too fast at times, but it was a really nice Dakar stage with some sand dunes, stones and a mix of terrain. The car is ok. We didn’t have any issues, so that’s good, because after yesterday we were scared about the tyres. Everything worked really well”.

Et.2 - Jakub Przygonski - POL
Et.2 - Jakub Przygonski - US

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